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How To Remove Trees When Land Clearing In Miami

  When it comes to executing any type of renovation, you know you need a solid game plan as well as the proper tools to get it done safely and successfully. Such is the case with land clearing Miami properties, which requires lots of planning and precision. From beginning to end, removing trees is a lengthy process that should always be ironed out beforehand.  Starting with the basics, there are two ways to remove trees: by hand or using machines. Read on to learn which way is best for your land, and for tips on clearing your property in a […]

How to Prep Your Miami Trees for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is among us, and we’ve still got a few more months to go before November hits and we’re in the clear. You know the drill: ample bottled water, lots of flashlights and an endless supply of batteries. Along with making sure we have everything we need inside our homes, we also must ensure the exterior is ready for strong winds and rain. And while shuttering your windows might be the first thing that comes to mind, prepping Miami trees is also essential to minimizing damage and danger. It’s important to start your storm prep early, as hurricane season […]

Why Perform Tree Trimming to Young Trees

Tree trimming Miami landscapes is a huge contributor to our beautiful and lush yards. And while the thought of trimming might trigger the image of a large, towering tree becoming perfectly sculpted, trimming is actually relevant for all sizes. While some think only mature trees need to be pruned, young trees also need a little extra attention to maintain clean-cut shapes. These newly planted trees shouldn’t go neglected; in fact, the stability and structure of a young tree relies on trimming in its early years. Below find a few tips for keeping your trees looking crisp and healthy as they […]

8 Things to Consider When Land Clearing Miami

Maybe you’re tired of looking at a messy landscape, or maybe you’re trying to get a head start on your spring cleaning. Regardless of why you’re interested in land clearing, Miami residents should be aware of the numerous factors that go into the job. From the physical labor to the laws behind land clearing, here are 8 things to consider before you get to work. Are you up for the challenge? Land clearing Miami landscapes will take a lot of hard work, so if you’re doing it on your own, be sure you can handle the manual labor. That being […]

Why Miami Land Clearing is Best Left to a Pro

  We’re big advocates of DIY projects (just check out our blog post on repurposing your Christmas tree!). But even though we’re all for getting your hands dirty, there are some things that are best left to a professional. When it comes to land clearing Miami, the verdict is in: leave it to the experts. Not only is it arduous, hard work, land clearing also requires the use of heavy duty tools that only a pro should operate. Different companies do land clearing in different ways, so the tools and processes may vary. Generally speaking, from chainsaws to bulldozers, the […]

3 Tips for Buying Firewood in Miami

  Winter in Miami might not compare to the cold climate of other cities, but this year has seen its fair share of chilly temps. Sweaters are out in full force, and you know what that means: it’s time to light up a bonfire or get that fireplace roaring. But with so little practice under our belts, many Miamians are left wondering just how to get those flames safely burning. When buying firewood Miami shoppers should know just what look for. Here are 3 simple tips for buying firewood. Buy dry wood The key here is ensuring the wood is […]

How to Pick the Right Mulch

Mulch is the underdog of gardening. It might not be the most apparent or impressive aspect of a landscape, but it definitely plays a key role in keeping plants and flowers thriving. So, what is mulch, exactly? Plainly put, mulch is the material you cover flowerbeds with. Not only does it add beauty to your arrangement, but mulch also preserves moisture and keeps weeds down. That being said, there are various types of mulch and each serves a different purpose. Do you know how to pick the right mulch? Follow our guide to learn more about the different kinds of […]

How to Repurpose Your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is the focal point of your home during the holidays. The nostalgic scent, the bright lights, and the dazzling ornaments all contribute to the Yuletide cheer. But after the 25th, the excitement starts to fizzle, and by the New Year you’re ready to get rid of your Christmas fir. This year, instead of tossing it, why not repurpose your Christmas tree? There are lots of ways to utilize the branches, needles, and even the trunk. Read on for creative ways to repurpose your Christmas tree—and enhance the look of your home while you’re at it!   Your […]

5 Things to Know About Planting Trees

Fact: no one likes a pesky power outage. Flickers and outages are inconvenient and downright and annoying. But they don’t only happen because of storms. Another fact: tree limbs, and especially palm fronds, can be the cause of such outages. Luckily, we can take preventative measures when planting trees to avoid and lessen tree limb interference and, thus, reduce flickers and outages. How? Well, if you’re looking to add to your landscape, there are a few things you should know about planting trees. Follow these 5 important facts about planting trees and your new additions will look spectacular!   Choose […]

Why Planting Trees in Miami is Important

Think about your favorite street or neighborhood in Miami. Maybe you even have a favorite house. Odds are, your favorite area probably gets some of its beauty from the foliage and landscape. But the surrounding trees and flowers aren’t just for decoration. We take them for granted, but trees are actually very important to our community. In fact, trees in Miami have a direct effect on your wallet. That’s right; trees in Miami can actually help you save money. Here’s how. Trees affect the value of your home. Having trees as part of your property’s landscape can increase the worth […]