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Arborist Miami: What is an Arborist Report?

What is an Arborist Report? To many people, the word arborist may seem really new. The word is actually used for a tree surgeon. An arborist is responsible for documenting the condition of a tree. The expert will be noting down any concerning issues like areas of damage, the cause of damage, site condition, pests, the threat of disease or mechanical injury. This information is recorded in a report, which is called the arborist report. Details Included in a Certified Arborist Report If you are looking for an arborist Miami, you may want to learn about the details that must […]

How B&G Reuses Materials from Tree Removal Miami

Tree removal is necessary for several situations. There are proper procedures that need to be followed to have permission for removing a tree in Miami. People often hire tree removal Miami services to handle such processes and safely remove the trees. However, have you ever wondered what happens to the removed trees? A tree has a rich combination of wood and foliage, which should not be put to waste. This material can be recycled to create useful stuff and most of it can also be used to give back to our environment. Effective recycling results in a healthy environment and […]

How to Protect Your Trees for Hurricane Season – Tree Trimming Miami

How to Protect Your Trees for Hurricane Season? Natural disasters can leave behind lots of destruction. Moreover, they have increased in intensity given that human activities are steadily deteriorating the environments. One such natural disaster is the hurricane, which is quite common to America. There are many regions in the country that are prone to strong hurricanes. Over the years, several hurricanes have left behind destruction and tragedy. While people can’t actually fight against natural forces, they have learned how to protect themselves and their property to some extent. In this post, we discuss how you can protect the trees […]

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Perform Stump Removal Kendall Yourself

If you have a huge yard space around your property, you may be quite familiar will stumps. Trees can come down due to multiple reasons and often leave behind a stump. Now, stumps are not easy to remove but they are quite unappealing. Therefore, many people are inclined to remove them as soon as possible. They can easily disrupt the aesthetic of your well-maintained yard, take up unnecessary space and pose an injury threat as well. Some people will attempt to remove the stumps themselves by using DIY stump removal Kendall methods. Many people find professional stump removal Kendall services […]

Best Practices for Maintaining Your Miami Clusia Hedge

The Clusia plant is native to tropical America. You have probably seen the lush green hedge growing everywhere from houses to outside shops and offices. Many people try to grow their own Clusia hedge but it does not flourish as they may want. At first, you need to buy the Clusia hedge in order to plant it. The plant must come in good condition so that you have a good start with the plantation process. B&G sell wholesale Clusia Miami that you can easily plant and expect to flourish into a solid hedge wall. In the following write-up, we have […]

The Best Way to Perform Stump Removal Coral Gables

Most often people assume that the main task is to remove a tree. However, removing a tree is much simpler than getting rid of the stump. The stump is embedded into the ground and is strengthened by roots. You can easily cut down the tree but stumps are a common sight. It is because they need extra work to remove from the ground. For this reason, many people tend to hire professional services of stump removal Coral Gables. While stump removal services are quite convenient, there are still multiple ways you can try at home to remove the stumps. Why […]

Tree Removal Miami: How to Request a Permit to Remove or Relocate a Tree in Miami-Dade

Here is the application procedure for tree removal Miami permit. B&G Property Maintenance can complete it for you. Call us at 305-370-8176.

Add grace to your lawn by getting clusia plants in it

Add grace to your lawn by getting clusia plants in it Lawns are the most sensitive and important area in a property and one must not leave any loose ends while getting it decorated with various plant species. Since not all the species are habitable in the domestic areas one must pick their choice wisely and get the plants that can easily be planted and grown in the backyard. The task might seem simple but it takes a lot of efforts in getting the task done right. This is where one might need help of professionals who can take care […]

Wholesale Clusia Plants in Miami

B&G Property Maintenance sells the most beautiful clusia plants in Miami and at the best price. Call 305-370-8176.

Gorgeous Garden in Miami

Get a gorgeous garden in Miami with the help of a landscaping expert The city of Miami has a crazy obsession with the plant kingdom. Miami is the only city in the entire world to have an Everglades ecosystem. The love for flora is evidently seen in almost all of the properties of the city. The mind blowing homes in Miami feature luscious green gardens with exquisite and exotically stunning flowers and hedges along with intricately well-trimmed trees. Even the number of homes with creative landscaping in Miami has gone up in recent years. But maintaining a property is never […]