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Gorgeous Garden in Miami

Get a gorgeous garden in Miami with the help of a landscaping expert The city of Miami has a crazy obsession with the plant kingdom. Miami is the only city in the entire world to have an Everglades ecosystem. The love for flora is evidently seen in almost all of the properties of the city. The mind blowing homes in Miami feature luscious green gardens with exquisite and exotically stunning flowers and hedges along with intricately well-trimmed trees. Even the number of homes with creative landscaping in Miami has gone up in recent years. But maintaining a property is never […]

Lawn maintenance has just got easier

Owning a property with a lawn might be a blessing but it becomes a headache when it comes to its maintenance. This has been a usual scenario in Miami and B&G tree services has just made it convenient for the owners to maintain their lawns in a top-notch condition. The company is staffed with professionals who, with their unique methods and technologically advanced mowers, can get you a neat and clean lawn in no time. Hedge trimming, tree pruning, stump removal or be it fumigation, you need any of the tree related services, B&G is ready to deliver up to […]

Tree Trimming Miami Tips and Precautions During Construction

There are varying effects construction can have on trees that both you and your contractor should be awarely. You already know that tree trimming Miami properties, when done incorrectly, can severely detriment your landscape. But even the improper use of the construction equipment could end up breaking branches or wounding a tree’s trunk. B&G Property Maintenance recommends a list of specific precautions to avoid these dangers. Starting a construction project is exciting, but before you get phase 1 going, check our important guidelines. Homeowners and contractors both should follow these 10 tree trimming Miami tips to further protect trees currently […]

3 ways B&G Reuses the Leftovers of Miami Tree Removals

Our team is dedicated to giving you the property maintenance service you deserve, and that extends far beyond the initial job. For us, Miami tree removal doesn’t end when we rid the tree from your property; in fact, the fun is just beginning. Instead of dumping the scraps, we get creative with the remains. Read on to learn about three ways we reuse Miami tree removal leftovers, and how our community and clients are benefitting. Create compost We make compost from all the green trash (also known as foliage) by chopping up the waste in our chipper. We offer the […]

B&G’s Tree Trimming Service is now on Coral Gables’ Love Business Directory

For the best tree trimming and tree removal in Coral Gables, call B&G Property Maintenance.

3 Creative Ways to use Your Stump if Avoiding Stump Removal Coral Gables

3 Creative Ways to use Your Stump if Avoiding Stump Removal Coral Gables If you’re a glass half full kind of person, you look at that stump in your yard as an opportunity, not an eyesore. Stump removal Coral Gables can be a lengthy process, so we propose a DIY project instead. Repurposing your stump is a fun way to avoid tedious removal while adding some personality to your property. Not sure where to start? Just try one of these beautiful stump projects!   Give it life Instead of representing a dead tree, your stump can be the perfect place […]

How to Maintain Your Miami Clusia Hedge

Bright green hedges are a staple of beautiful Miami homes and properties. The vibrant color shines under the ample sunlight, and even looks crisp during those impromptu South Florida rainstorms. But what happens when your clusia hedges start to wilt? Follow our guide to maintaining clusia hedges in Miami to keep your yard looking rich and alive. For planting: Dig a big enough hole that the entire plant pot fits Remove the clusias pot off the root ball Nestle the plant into the hole and fill with dirt or topsoil (note: the clusia can be planted with its own soil, […]

How to Request a Permit for a Tree Removal in Coral Gables

Whether you’re a Miami native or new to the Magic City, it’s likely you’ve been taken by the beauty of Coral Gables. The lush trees and overlapping canopies don’t only provide shade from the city’s scorching heat, but they also look picturesque. For those reasons, along with many others, tree removal Coral Gables requires a permit. The City of Coral Gables’ application requires you to disclose why you want to remove the tree–and it better be a good reason. Applicants must take any and all steps necessary to avoid tree removal on Coral Gables properties and preserve existing trees. To […]

How to Request a Permit for a Tree Removal in Pinecrest

  Looking to eliminate a tree from your property? Not so fast. Before you hire a team or get those tools out, you must get a permit from the Village of Pinecrest. Read on to find out how to get one, as well as why tree removal in Pinecrest is so protected. The Village of Pinecrest issues all tree removal and relocation permits (you can download the application here). Pinecrest protects trees for many reasons, and your specific reason is a factor in the approval of your permit. Trees contribute to the iconic and lush beauty of the area. Not […]

Clusias Miami: The Best Plant for Your Miami Hedge

Have you noticed all those ficus hedges around town looking a little, well, gross. It’s as if the leaves are moldy. Well, it’s not mold; it’s whitefly. Whitefly are these tiny bugs that destroy Florida hedges. The leaves turn yellow and often disappear all together. Of course, you can do a series of chemical solutions to keep your hedges protected, but many times, because the bugs are so small, by the time you notice them the damage is done. Also, chemical treatment and become expensive and annoying. If you’re looking for something just as good looking, but also strong enough […]