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Arborist Miami: Why Do Palm Tree’s Leaves Have White Spots?

Arborist Miami: Why Do Palm Tree’s Leaves Have White Spots? Whether short or tall, healthy palm trees are usually a good sight to behold. From date palms to sago or areca, palm tree leaves can come in several forms and varieties. However, just like other plants, palm trees can also be affected by pests and diseases that alter the elegant color of their leaves to yellow, white or even brown. In this article, we will discuss what it means when you observe the presence of white spots on the leaves of your palm trees, and most importantly, how you can […]

Winter Tree Care Tips & Tree Trimming Pinecrest

Winter Tree Care Tips & Tree Trimming Pinecrest Trees become dormant during the winter season. The thing is, trees lack protection from weather conditions and the elements like how a hibernating animal that holes up in a comfortable spot.  During the cold season, trees face the sheer intensity of the weather. It is without a doubt that during winter, trees are phased with harsh conditions. This is even more pronounced for young or newly-planted trees that lack significant defense mechanisms like a wide or spreading root system and a thick bark.  If you own a tree, do well to follow […]

Tree Stump Removal Miami

Tree Stump Removal Miami Tips and Techniques Have you recently cut down a tree on your property or your yard? Do you want to get rid of a pesky tree stump? Are you sick of mowing unsightly stump that’s right in the middle of your backyard? If yes, you’ve made the right stop. Tree stump needs removal because it can make your backyard work pretty difficult than it should be. Tree stumps can also look unappealing.  Fortunately, there are several effective techniques you can utilize to remove tree stumps. You can choose to dig it out with your hands, grind […]

Tree Removal Pinecrest: What is the Best Time of Year to Remove a Tree?

What is the Best Time of Year to Remove a Tree?  It’s always difficult to ascertain the best time of the year to remove a tree. However, you should cut down a tree when it is decayed, dead, damaged or weak. Removing a tree at the right time protects your home, your property, and the appealing landscape that surrounds you. Besides, cutting down massive trees prevents them from falling on their own. When a massive tree falls, it may destroy properties and buildings, and cause you extra cash. To ensure more control over a tree in your home, it’s best […]

Advice from an Arborist in Miami

Advice from an Arborist in Miami Trees, like humans when well attended to stay healthy and good to look at but once in a while come down with some undesirable conditions. When your tree has empty spots without leaves, it is a sign that some things may be wrong after all. The possible causes are:  Soil cramping This happens when the soil particles are too tightly packed together hence a distortion in the flow of water and vital minerals to the parts of the tree. This of course can be a major course of empty spots as it is a […]

Tree Trimming Miami: Why Keeping Neatly Trimmed Trees Adds Curb Appeal

Tree Trimming Miami: Why Keeping Neatly Trimmed Trees Adds Curb Appeal to Your Home In Miami and other places in the world, there are quite a good number of things to live for, and having properties is no doubt one of them. One of the big deals about properties – residence, commercial, or other purposes, is that landscape as its aesthetic addition is mostly phenomenal. In a lot of cases, Miami property owners pay more attention to the details of the facility itself and tend to ignore the surrounding’s physical outlook. Factually, a very few of them keep a continuous […]

Stump Removal Coral Gables: Reasons You Should Schedule a Stump Removal

Stump Removal Coral Gables People usually cut down dead trees but leave the stumps behind. Coral Gables, known for its aesthetic greenery and enormous trees also consists of several tree removal or relocation service providers that are being considered daily in the city. Stump removal Coral Gables also is regarded as a leading service for keeping the yards of the locations of the city free from stumps of dead trees. Not only yards, but parks or any open space that is or used to be covered with trees can require the stump removal service. Sometimes aggressive and dangerous roots need […]

Miami Land Clearing 101

Land Clearing Miami 101 The population is rising, and so are our needs. So, it goes without saying that you’ll need land to accommodate more people. Land can come in handy for all kinds of uses, be it commercial or residential. An undeveloped site requires a lot of work before you can utilize it. This is when the question of “what is land clearing” comes up. Land clearing is the preparation of land before anything can be built on it. Think for yourself, will you be able to make your house or shop on land that has trees, huge rocks, […]

Tree Removal Miami: How To Commemorate your Most Loved Trees

Tree Removal Miami: How To Commemorate your Most Loved Trees Miami, Florida, is known for its eye-catching natural beauty that is mostly covered by native trees and heavenly greenery that is a pleasure to one’s sight. Miami is one of the most preferred vacation spots with a million trees surrounding it also goes through timely processes of tree removal. This vacation destination is continuing to grow even more for becoming the best, as it is naturally gifted with the most aesthetic species of beautiful greens. Tree Removal Miami: When it comes to tree care, Tree Removal Miami has become an […]

Arborist Miami: Can My Trees Get Too Much Rain?

Arborist Miami: Can My Trees Get Too Much Rain? If you are someone who lives in Miami and also like to grow trees, then this question must be one of your main concerns. It rains every day during the rainy season in Miami. It starts around mid-may and drives on till November. We don’t have control over mother nature but we can be cautious. We know that trees love hydration. A nice shower of water is great for your trees. However, excess of everything is bad. Too much water can be deadly for your trees. The roots of the trees […]