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What is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome? Arborist Miami

What is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome? Arborist Miami Did a heavy branch of your tree drop down unexpectedly? Are you wondering if other branches will fall as well? If after a storm the branch of your tree crashes down, it is probably because the branch was damaged during the storm. However, if on a summer day without the wind, a heavy branch of your tree falls down, it is something you should be worried about. All the problems with trees are alarming, but Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome is an extremely serious one. Do you know what sudden branch drop syndrome […]

Why is Tree Trimming Important? Tree Trimming Miami

Why is Tree Trimming Important? The exterior of your house is the first thing people will notice. If it is not well-maintained, it gives a bad impression on bystanders and your guests. For providing a great and appealing look to your house, you need to make sure the landscape is maintained. There are different tasks, some are easy while some may require expert assistance. The most challenging tasks for homeowners is the tree trimming Miami. Some people don’t pay attention to the trees in their yard. This results in their space appearing terrible and untidy. Let’s face it, everyone thinks […]

How to Care for your Clusia This Winter – Clusia Miami

How to Care for your Clusia This Winter – Clusia Miami Winter time isn’t the brightest for your garden. The dry and chilly weather makes survival hard for all your indoor and outdoor plants and trees. However, there are certain plants that are particularly perfect for this time. Clusia in Miami winter is one of the best plants to keep. Here are a few tips on how to keep your plants, especially Clusia, in Miami winter. Why Clusia is perfect for winters Typically, plants require a lot of water to stay healthy. Miami’s humid atmosphere is loved. The bright sunlight keeps […]

How to Know if Your Tree is About to Fall- Tree Removal Coral Gables

How to Know if Your Tree is About to Fall – Tree Removal Coral Gables The saddest day for a garden lover is when a plant or tree dies. You can put in all the love and effort possible but still, one day those trees will collapse and come to an end. You can make the best of the last few living days of your tree by figuring out if your tree is going to fall soon. Here are some signs that will help you identify the end of your precious plant. Cavities and cracks A tree with holes, cavities, […]

What to Do If Your Tree Is Struck by Lightning – Tree Removal Kendall

As the storm season approaches, garden owners start getting more and more worried. It is most definitely one of the hardest times faced by your trees. With risk of falling or damaging themselves, trees also have a chance of getting struck by lightning. If the latter unfortunate incident does happen, here’s what you should do. How to tell if a tree has been attacked Lightning is definitely a strong shock on the trees. If a tree is attacked, you will very easily be able to tell. Most trees die instantly on contact with lightning. However, the few brave ones that […]

Signs your Tree Needs to be Trimmed- Tree Trimming Kendall

Signs your tree needs to be trimmed Did you know that one of the most common garden care routine is tree trimming? Kendall citizens need to pay attention to their gardens in order to have lush green heavenly gardens. If you think your trees don’t need tree trimming Kendall services, the following points might change your mind. Branches breaking off or too thick Unhealthy trees start producing weak branches that break off very easily. Tree trimming helps boost healthy growth of branches. On the other hand, if your tree has branches that are too thick, that isn’t a good sign […]

How to know if your tree is sick

How to Know if Your Tree is Sick It’s not wrong that plants are just as living as humans. Just because you don’t see a tree walking around or vocally complaining, that doesn’t mean your tree isn’t feeling anything. It is true that trees can fall sick too. If that is surprising to you, don’t worry. We’re here to educate you on how to recognize a sick tree and what to do next. Symptoms of sickness Although it is best if you hire professional services regularly to keep a check on the health of your trees, there still are some […]

How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage Trees look like big, strong creatures that no one can bring down. While it is true that trees are big and strong, you need to remember that it is, after all, only roots that are keeping them stuck to the ground. Garden lovers and plant enthusiasts will know very well that during the storm season, even the strongest of trees are in danger. Here are a few precautions you can take to make sure your trees stay put this storm season. Strong roots, strong tree As we all know, roots are the […]

What to do About Palm Tree Hurricane Damage

What to do About Palm Tree Hurricane Damage Palm trees are quite resistant against hurricane damage. Trees are proof of natural engineering and the specific design of the palm trees can make them stand strong against fierce storms. The palm tree’s several features like rambling roots, a wiry trunk, and even the leaves help them survive against the damaging conditions created by hurricanes, cyclones, and tsunamis. However, every once in a while, Mother Nature can get really punishing. Even the palm trees will be damaged when intense hurricanes hit. In many situations, the tree can become destroyed to an extent […]

Top 3 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

Top 3 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard Trees make up the majority of any garden. They shape the landscape into something neat or could completely ruin your efforts. The process of this grooming involves tree trimming as well as cutting. The removal of a tree leaves behind stumps. Our arborist services offer special stump removal. Coral Gables is among the places where we offer our professional service. If you are confused as to why you need to hire us for stump removal Coral Gables, then keep reading to find some reasons! Occupy space Stumps may seem […]