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Stump Removal Kendall

In this article, learn how to remove a stump in Kendall. Stump removal Kendall

Arborist Miami: Are Your Trees Wilting?

Arborist Miami: Are Your Newly Planted Trees Turning Yellow, Brown, Or Wilting? When you have recently planted a tree, it is a common occurrence for them to have drooping and yellow leaves, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree is not healthy. When your new tree begins to have yellow or wilting leaves, this is because it is going through an ugly phase. The main signs include the color of the leaves. Sometimes plants are just taking time to get adjusted to the Miami weather. Why does this happen? Like humans, after they move to a new place, young […]

Stump Removal Miami- 5 Things you Didn’t Know about Tree Stumps

5 Things you Didn’t Know about Tree Stumps – Stump Removal Miami The solution to a troublesome tree is cutting it. But that isn’t the end of the problem. Stumps remain and cause even more trouble. These 5 reasons will convince you for stump removal in Miami. Downward growth Just because you cut off the upper part of the tree doesn’t mean that the lower part is dead too. The upper half of the tree is highly dependent on the root system for water and minerals. Yet, the lower part doesn’t rely on photosynthesis as much. Tree stumps can continue growing […]

Tree Trimming Coral Gables

Does Cutting Off Dead Branches Help a Tree? Tree Trimming Coral Gables Tree trimming in Coral Gables is also known as pruning. It is the process of cutting dead branches and unwanted leaves. It is a really helpful process which is why tree trimming in Coral Gables is such a common concept. Here are a few reasons why pruning is so beneficial for your trees. Prevents wastage of food Every single leaf and branch on a tree soaks up water and minerals from the soil. Every single part of the tree is utilizing the energy that a tree produces. Whether […]

Tree Removal Kendall and Property Value

What Trees to Add and Cut Down to Increase Property Value One reason why trees and well-maintained gardens are so important is that they contribute to the value of your property in tree removal Kendall. There are certain tree categories that can actually boost the value of your home. The right trees can add thousands of dollars in your property’s value. The input is very less in comparison. Here are the trees that will help you maximize the value of your place! Trees that are valuable Sugar Maple is very valuable in the world of trees. It is a big […]

Arborist Miami and Healthy Trees

What Do Trees Need To Be Healthy – Arborist Miami Animals, humans or trees, every living thing needs to be taken care of to elongate their life span. If you don’t want your precious trees to lose the battle against strong storms, you must provide a care routine that will keep the trees healthy. Here are some tips that will help your trees become stronger and healthier. Spoiler alert: You need a certified arborist miami. Regularly water the trees Trees need water just as much as oxygen. Lack of water leads to hindrance in photosynthesis which eventually results in the […]

What is the Best Time of Year to Remove a Tree?

What is the Best Time of Year to Remove a Tree? Are you wondering what is the right time to cut down a tree? Thinking of doing it yourself? Well, there is no right time to cut down a tree. Trees are essential for our survival. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to remove a tree to keep nearby properties and people safe. There are several things you need to consider as it is a dangerous task. One of the most crucial aspects is the time of year. Whether you want to expand your yard or want to get rid of a […]

3 Reasons Why Clusia Plants Thrive in Miami – Clusia Miami

3 Reasons Why Clusia Plants Thrive in Miami Are you in search of plants that will enhance the look of your house? There are a plethora of plants that you can get for your outdoor space. However, selecting one can be a daunting and dreadful task. You will have to keep in mind various factors such as climate, location, size, and many other things. When it comes to choosing a plant that can survive in Miami, Clusia Rosea and Clusia Guttifera is the right choice. This post highlights the reasons why Clusia Miami is an ideal plant for landscapes. Continue […]

Why is Tree Trimming Important? Tree Trimming Miami

Why is Tree Trimming Important? The exterior of your house is the first thing people will notice. If it is not well-maintained, it gives a bad impression on bystanders and your guests. For providing a great and appealing look to your house, you need to make sure the landscape is maintained. There are different tasks, some are easy while some may require expert assistance. The most challenging tasks for homeowners is the tree trimming Miami. Some people don’t pay attention to the trees in their yard. This results in their space appearing terrible and untidy. Let’s face it, everyone thinks […]

What is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome? Arborist Miami

What is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome? Arborist Miami Did a heavy branch of your tree drop down unexpectedly? Are you wondering if other branches will fall as well? If after a storm the branch of your tree crashes down, it is probably because the branch was damaged during the storm. However, if on a summer day without the wind, a heavy branch of your tree falls down, it is something you should be worried about. All the problems with trees are alarming, but Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome is an extremely serious one. Do you know what sudden branch drop syndrome […]