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3 Reasons to Buy a Clusia Plant in Miami

January 29, 2018

In this article, learn 3 Reasons to Buy a Clusia Plant in Miami

Looking for something to provide your home with an exotic texture? Look no further than Clusia plant for your Miami home. Clusia, either rosea or guttifera, are drought resistant plants and make for unique and brilliant plants for home landscapes. These salt-tolerant plants are perfect for the Miami environment and often tend to grow moderately. Here are three reasons why Clusias Miami are the perfect fit for your home.

Their Appearance

The most impressive characteristic of Clusias are their foliage. Their leaves, abundant and large, are thick and have a leathery texture. The leaves are moderate in size and are shaped like paddles or teardrops. The leaves gather together, and the fact that the plant is evergreen makes them retain their aesthetic value all year round. Furthermore, Clusias are highly diverse in their size. They can either be small shrubs that can be used as hedges, or grow up to be 25 foot tall trees. The Rosea type gets especially large, often becoming around 9 feet tall and wide as shrubs, and 25 feet as trees. Therefore you can display your Clusias in your Miami home in a number of different places.

Their Characteristics

Clusias are evergreen plants, they’ll shine on your front porch all year round. Another aspect that makes Clusias so desirable in an environment such as Miami’s is the fact that they are salt-tolerant plants. Growing at the seaside does not affect these plants like it does to a lot more. Moreover, being drought resistant means that Clusias are able to survive in hot climates. You can also go away for a trip and not worry so much about them dying from a lack of water. These characteristics make Clusias the perfect plant to grow in your Miami home.

Aesthetic Value

Plants are normally grown for their aesthetic value, and the Clusia provides that in a number of different ways. They can be placed on your front porch to welcome guests, grown as shrubs, or made into a hedge that provides your house with security. In all three uses, the Clusias shine bright and leave your house with a green and calm hue. Clusias are often referred to as Autograph Plants. The leathery texture on the leaves means that any scratch left on them will stay there forever until the leaf is separated from the plant. A lot of people carve their names into Clusias, hence the name Autograph Plants.

Growing this plant in your Miami home is a great investment, as you can see from the details above. Some landscape choices for Clusias are as a hedge, a privacy screen, an accent, as a backdrop for smaller plants, or as a shade around a patio or a deck. Clusias give a very refreshing look in sunny Miami, and are a great way to make your house stand out from the rest. Clusias Miami is the best decision to make for your house and its surroundings.

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