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5 Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump- Stump Removal Kendall

April 17, 2018

In this article learn about stump removal kendall and 5 reasons to remove a tree stump

5 reasons to remove a tree stump

Getting trees removed from a garden is a pretty common process. However, surprisingly, people still make the a mistake in tree removal that can ruin their garden surface. Sometimes, people would cut off the tree but they wouldn’t bother with the stump. Stump removal Kendall services will ensure that this isn’t a problem when you get their professional service for the tree removal.

In case you have already had your tree removed but the stump is still part of the ground, you should consider getting a professional stump removal Kendall service for these 5 important reasons.

Stumps ruin the look of your garden

What seems like a couple of inches of trunk that wouldn’t bother anyone can actually make your garden look the total opposite of maintained even if the rest of your garden is top-notch. Even if the landscape overall is beautiful, stumps will divert all attention to them. Any and all effort you might have put into the rest of your garden will be wasted with stumps present in the area.

Gardening with stumps is a nightmare

Stumps will become a major hindrance in gardening. What you may not realize is that removing the top part of a tree isn’t enough. You must get rid of the base which includes the roots. The removal of the stump will ensure that the soil is ready to accept new plants. Otherwise, the stump will keep utilizing the nutrients of the soil, preventing new plants from growing healthily.

Stumps provide home to pests

If a tree stump isn’t removed manually, nature will have to find a way to get rid of it. This is done through decay. Decaying plants are never a good situation in a garden. There will be all kinds of insects and pests around the stump. Once pests find a way into your garden, they can very easily attack any plants in the nearby area. All your healthy trees will also become vulnerable to the attack. Even your home could be attacked by termite in such a case.

Ground for growth of unwanted trees

Stump isn’t merely a piece of trunk. Stumps still have roots that are sucking up the good nutrients from the soil. This could provide the required conditions for growth of new trees. This means unwanted plants that will cost money to be removed. Instead of having to spend on getting a whole tree removed that is ruining the entire landscape, get the stump removed promptly.

They can be hazardous

Very simply put, stumps are an obstacle on the surface. They are short and pretty much merge in the soil. People walking by may not be able to spot them. From people falling over to damage to the mowers, stumps can get very hazardous. Instead of causing such a liability, it is better to get the stump removed from the ground.

For all these reasons, it is highly important that you get stump removal Kendall services from a respectable professional company.

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