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Stump Removal Miami- 5 Things you Didn’t Know about Tree Stumps

July 30, 2019

In this article, learn about stump removal Miami and 5 Things you Didn't Know about Tree Stumps

5 Things you Didn’t Know about Tree Stumps – Stump Removal Miami

The solution to a troublesome tree is cutting it. But that isn’t the end of the problem. Stumps remain and cause even more trouble. These 5 reasons will convince you for stump removal in Miami.

Downward growth

Just because you cut off the upper part of the tree doesn’t mean that the lower part is dead too. The upper half of the tree is highly dependent on the root system for water and minerals. Yet, the lower part doesn’t rely on photosynthesis as much. Tree stumps can continue growing deeper into the soil. They keep soaking water and nutrients which help continue the speedy growth of the roots. Tree stumps can grow as deep as 20 feet into the ground. This is why getting rid of them completely is important.

Upward growth

Not only can stumps grow downwards, but they also have the tendency to grow upwards into a tree. The exterior of the tree stumps can aid the growth of new trees. Since you had to get the first tree cut, you definitely wouldn’t want it to grow back, especially uninvited. There are enough nutrients that the stump can provide to encourage the tree’s upward growth. If you don’t want that, get your tree stump removed professionally.

Decay process

Most garden owners don’t bother with stump removal is because they are relying on the process of decay to do the job. Let’s say your stump didn’t grow downwards or upwards, you still cannot solely depend on nature to eat up the stump. It can take up to 10 years, usually longer, for a stump to naturally decay. Even if you can wait for that long, it isn’t really a healthy process. While your stump is decaying, your entire garden will become vulnerable to attacks. Your stump will decay slowly but your healthy trees will also pay a price.


Termite attacks are very common on unattended stumps. Termites will infest your garden. Not only will they feed on the stump, but they will also attack nearby trees that are healthy. If certain plants were already in a weak place, termites will be able to kill these plants easily. The infestation can also extend to your home. Once termites find a home in your garden, everything made out of wood will be unsafe. The damages can end up being way more than the cost of stump removal in Miami.


Tree stumps weigh a lot. They can weigh several tons, including all the soil and dirt that has become a part of them. This weight may not bother you as such but if you plan on pulling out the stump on your own, you should know that it is impossible. Moreover, tree stumps don’t just have their literal weight. They are weighing down the soil in other ways too. Stumps continue soaking up minerals from the soil, hence depriving other plants of their fair share.

Stump removal in Miami is an easy to find service. Give us a call and we’ll be at your doorstep!

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