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Advice from an Arborist in Miami

December 4, 2019

Advice from an Arborist in Miami


Trees, like humans when well attended to stay healthy and good to look at but once in a while come down with some undesirable conditions. When your tree has empty spots without leaves, it is a sign that some things may be wrong after all. The possible causes are:

 Soil cramping

This happens when the soil particles are too tightly packed together hence a distortion in the flow of water and vital minerals to the parts of the tree. This of course can be a major course of empty spots as it is a well known cause of stunted growth in trees

Activities of stem boring insects

Pests are unwanted organisms found on plants generally. They cause a vast majority of the unwanted situation and conditions on trees. The beetles and caterpillars chew the barks and bore tiny holes on tree trunks while the feeding activity of gnawers renders the tree weak and also leave empty spots on it

Harsh weather conditions

Weather remains a major factor that affects the performance of plants. Parts of trees respond differently to different weather conditions as extremely cold weather can cause shock in some parts of trees more than others. Some parts of the tree may find it quite difficult to recover from winter elements hence they shed their leaves.

These factors, most of the times are beyond human control as there is very little you can do to prevent them so the occurrence of empty spots on your tree may not be your fault but not giving it the right response will be your fault. A good number of people end up losing the whole tree entirely with the wrong response but you really can get to salvage the situation if your give it the right response at the right time. There are steps you can take to ensure the empty spots without leaves on your tree becomes a thing of the past.

Keep the tree healthy with enough water

Keeping your tree very healthy is an activity that you have to give a high priority to. When you keep them healthy. Your trees have lesser chances of having empty spots. Activities like adequate watering during dry seasons should be done regularly.

Wrapping barks with mulch

Mulching can also keep the trees a bit safer from activities of stem borers. Giving the tree beds a 2 to 4 inch layer of mulch can almost assure minimal effect of boring pests on tree stems.

Hiring an Arborist Miami

To eliminate whatever the problem is thoroughly and totally, you need to have an accurate diagnosis of the condition without with there are very high chances that you will be attacking the wrong cause. This is where the need for an Arborist Miami comes in. An arborist is a professional trained in the management, study and cultivation of trees, shrubs Vine and other perennial Woody plants. He knows your tree physiology and anatomy better than you do and you can almost be sure that he will not just give correct diagnosis, an arborist will also proffer the best treatment and possibly prescribe the best pesticides to be used if need be.

Do you desire to find a solution to the empty spots on your tree once and for all? Employing the services of an Arborist Miami is the smartest step to take. You will be thankful you did.

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