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Arborist Miami: Are Your Newly Planted Trees Turning Yellow, Brown, Or Wilting?

September 10, 2019
Read this article to learn what to do if Your Newly Planted Trees Turning Yellow, Brown, Or Wilting and about arborist Miami

Are Your Newly Planted Trees Turning Yellow, Brown, Or Wilting?

When you have recently planted a tree, it is a common occurrence for them to have drooping and yellow leaves, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree is not healthy.

When your new tree begins to have yellow or wilting leaves, know that it is going through an ugly phase. The main signs include the color of the leaves. Sometimes plants are just taking time to get adjusted to the Miami weather.

Why does it happen?

Like humans, after they move to a new place, young trees also go through a stressful period when they are planted somewhere new. This sudden change in the environment leads to a variety of issues, called transplant shock.

Now, transplant shock usually begins at the roots. Why? There could be numerous reasons. Sometimes the roots do not get enough room to spread out or they failed to get enough water right after getting planted. No matter what the case, whatever is going on below the soil, shows on the leaves. As the roots are not flourishing, you see wilting yellow-brown leaves.

What can you do?

Well, if you are a newbie and not familiar with anything of trees or planting, getting an Arborist in Miami. One might think that after transplant shock, a tree dies. That is not true. In most cases, you can revive a shocked tree. 

To do that, first, you’ll have to ensure that the tree is alive and not diseased. Here’s how you can check that?

Try bending a branch. If the branch snaps easily, the tree is dead. As for living trees, the twigs are agile and easily flexible. You can bend them easily, but they are not easy to break.

Another thing you can do is scratch an area on the twig with a knife or your fingernail. If the layer that is exposed under the bark is fresh green and moist, congratulations, your tree is alive.

Tried and Tested Tips to Get Your Tree back on Track

When trees go through a transplant shock, they need extra affection, love, and care. Along with that, here are a few things you can try if getting an Arborist in Miami is not the available option right now:

Stop Watering So Much

Well, the first thing to do is stop overhydrating your tree. Do not saturate the ground too much. Also, pay attention to rainfall. If nothing works, back off and get hold of a professional Arborist in Miami.

Soil Check

Soil is tree food. So, if you didn’t pay attention to it before, do it now. See that your soil is healthy enough to grow trees. Acidity levels are of substantial importance. You could try fertilizer, but get a professional opinion of an Arborist in Miami first. 

Your Tree could be Diseased

If none of the above problems exist, it is possible that your tree is diseased. Ensure that you buy your tree from reputable sources and see that your yard is safe for plantations. 

Try asking an Arborist in Miami if you are unsure regarding your tree move. 

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