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Arborist Miami: Can My Trees Get Too Much Rain?

October 15, 2019
In this article learn about Arborist Miami and if trees can get too much rain

Arborist Miami: Can My Trees Get Too Much Rain?

If you are someone who lives in Miami and also like to grow trees, then this question must be one of your main concerns. It rains every day during the rainy season in Miami. It starts around mid-may and drives on till November. We don’t have control over mother nature but we can be cautious.

We know that trees love hydration. A nice shower of water is great for your trees. However, excess of everything is bad. Too much water can be deadly for your trees. The roots of the trees also require oxygen. It is hard to imagine because they are buried into the soil but the soil has small pockets called pores that allow oxygen to reach them. If water overly saturates the soil, then the roots will not gain access to oxygen, which can lead to complications such as root rot.

Moreover, when the leaves get drenched in water, they become susceptible to fungal diseases that can kill the leaves, eventually affecting the overall health of the tree. You can spot problems such as powdery mildew on rain saturated trees. Looking at these facts, we get a clear answer; your trees can get too much rain.

What is too much rain?

While we cannot clearly establish the exact amount of rain that is too much, we can tell that it’s when it rains extraordinarily. If it’s pouring for a couple of days, that doesn’t put your trees in danger but when it’s an unusual amount, that’s when you should be concerned.

It doesn’t matter how healthy your plant is, in any case, too much rain will be stressful for it. The recovery depends on how much time the tree has had to dry down. Some trees might recover and some might not grow after their traumatic encounter with rain.

So how do we save them?

You can’t save every tree! This is the sad part, but if your tree is facing some kind of diseases then you should contact arborist Miami.

The first thing that you need to do is to avoid watering your trees until they are completely dry. Dig in six inches and see if the soil is soaked or moist. If it is, then do not water it.

Fertilizers should be avoided because they make the tree use up its energy for growth. After heavy rain showers, the trees need to conserve as much energy as possible to recover.

Wait for the next growing season patiently to check for any symptoms.

You will be doing yourself a favour if you call arborist Miami to inspect your tree and make sure it’s okay. If not, they can treat it before its too late.

Just like humans, plants are also highly complex. They need proper care and attention and they can also be victims of a huge array of diseases. To make sure that the health of your trees is up to the mark, you should get it inspected by arborist Miami if you have any concerns.

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