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Arborist Miami: What is an Arborist Report?

September 19, 2017

In this article, arborist miami describes what an arborist report is

What is an Arborist Report?

To many people, the word arborist may seem really new. The word is actually used for a tree surgeon. An arborist is responsible for documenting the condition of a tree. The expert will be noting down any concerning issues like areas of damage, the cause of damage, site condition, pests, the threat of disease or mechanical injury. This information is recorded in a report, which is called the arborist report.

Details Included in a Certified Arborist Report

If you are looking for an arborist Miami, you may want to learn about the details that must be included in the certified report. Here is what kind of information is documented in a certified arborist report:

  • Information regarding the tree’s location; including buildings, driveways, etc.
  • Description of the species the tree belong to
  • An estimation of the tree’s height
  • Measurement of tree’s circumference or diameter at the breast height
  • Description of the general health of the tree
  • Description of any risk to the tree
  • Discussion of any structural support system that can be added
  • Description of risk management pruning
  • Description of target management
  • Ideas on how to improve the site condition
  • Ideas on how to implement any pest control or management programs
  • Discussion provided in case the tree can’t be saved; issues like cabling, treatment etc. may be included
  • Description of the method to be used for removing the tree
  • Mention of the reason for removal
  • Proposing a replacement for the tree; including information like species, size, and location

An arborist Miami will also include their name, the company they are hired from, precise designation, address, phone number, and the date the report was finalized.

When You May Require an Arborist Report?

Whenever someone wants to remove, trim or preserve a tree on a certain location, an arborist report can come in handy. But it is not necessary for all locations. The community laws are different for tree protection. To know if you need an arborist report regarding tree removal or treatment within your community, you can search the City Forestry Department for information. You can also get access to information regarding the specific requirements of the project you intend to accomplish.

Why are Arborist Reports Important?

It is possible that an arborist report is not necessary for your community’s location. But it never harms to get one. Given how much damage humans are causing to the environment and how trees are valuable to restoring the environmental health, the arborist report can be helpful in determining if removing a certain tree is harmless or not. If there is a problem with the tree, it can be identified and it is even possible to find alternative methods to remove to eliminate it.

Finding an Arborist Miami

If you live in any area of Miami and have issues regarding the removal or treatment of certain tree, it is preferable to hire an arborist Miami.

This way you will get access to professional advice on what is the best course of action without causing harm to the natural environment of your area.

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