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Clusia 101- Clusia Miami

March 20, 2018


Clusia 101- Clusia Miami

Are you familiar with the terms Autograph tree, Pitch-Apple, or Rose-Apple? If not, we’ll educate you about what is referred to as the Autograph tree and is basically a plant that extends its origins to South America and Miami. What we’re referring to is the tree Clusia. Why does it have such a unique nickname, where it grows, and other eager questions will be answered in this article.

Why is it called the Autograph tree

Clusia Rosea is an extended plant structure. The reason why Clusia is referred to as the Autograph tree in Miami is because of the persistent leaves it grows. The quality of the leaves of this plant is that they do not lose their strength even if you get an autograph signed over them! This means, you could potentially scribble your name on the leaf and it won’t become saggy.

Where does it grow

Clusia is most commonly found in Miami and south florida. The reason being, the plant needs a lot of sunlight and even more water. What better place can offer these two things than Miami? Of course, this does not mean you cannot grow the plant in your home if you don’t live in Miami. It is just that the natural environment of Miami is perfectly suited for Clusia. You will have to make sure you plant the seeds in a place that gets most of the sunlight throughout the day. Also, you will have to regularly water your Clusia plant whether you’re in Miami or not. Along with that, a warm atmosphere and climate will encourage the maximum growth of the plant. If you can create a Miami like climate in your backyard, your plant is good to go! A well-drained and sandy-textured soil works best for Clusia. Professionals like to use fertilizers for the plant three times around the year. An organic boost in the spring, summer, and winter help the plant grow to its maximum potential.

Get it in your backyard!

The plant does sound interesting. It has thick and tough leaves with branches that grow horizontally. If you wish to add a plant in your backyard that will add to the horizontal depth of the place instead of crowding the vertical space, Clusia is the perfect addition you need. Of course, you will have to ensure you have an atmosphere like Miami or else the tree wouldn’t survive for long. Clusia rosea is the most commonly grown plant in its family. Our tip is to plant the seeds in an open space so that the plant can grow as big as possible.

Get a Clusia, an interesting addition to your backyard. Just regularly water it and you don’t have to worry about any more maintenance!

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