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How to Plant a Privacy Hedge Using Clusia in Miami

August 15, 2016


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Privacy: a concept that is relatively extinct these days thanks to social media and the internet. Whether you’re an Instagram addict or have that one friend who documents everything you do together on Facebook, it can be hard to lay low. But there is one place where privacy should never be compromised: your home.

Your house should be a sacred place, the one spot you know you are free from the eyes and ears of others. It’s easy to achieve this with a privacy hedge. Planting a privacy hedge using clusia in Miami is beneficial for a multitude of reasons.

First of all, clusia is the perfect type of tree for the tropical South Florida climate. Not only does it create a barrier between your home and your neighbors, but it also acts as a sound barrier to reduce noise from cars passing. A clusia Miami hedge like this will also protect your home from harsh winds, which comes in especially handy during those hurricane season storms.

A small-leaf plant, clusia can be planted and trimmed to the height of your choice. You can also determine how many rows you want to plant to create the look you desire. As with any type of landscaping, always have a plan mapped out of exactly how much green you need and exactly where it will go.

Now that your clusia is planted, you must train the shrubs. You’ll want to trim the tops and sides a few times a year. A good rule of thumb is to cut new shoots roughly in half. It is ideal for your hedge to be wider at the base than at the top, that way sunlight can reach all leaves.

Give your family that much-needed private time by planting a clusia hedge!



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