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Clusias Miami: The Best Plant for Your Miami Hedge

August 15, 2016

The best price Clusias Miami.

Have you noticed all those ficus hedges around town looking a little, well, gross. It’s as if the leaves are moldy. Well, it’s not mold; it’s whitefly.

Whitefly are these tiny bugs that destroy Florida hedges. The leaves turn yellow and often disappear all together.

Of course, you can do a series of chemical solutions to keep your hedges protected, but many times, because the bugs are so small, by the time you notice them the damage is done. Also, chemical treatment and become expensive and annoying.

If you’re looking for something just as good looking, but also strong enough to sustain itself, we recommend clusias Miami.

Also known as pitch apple, clusias Miami are all the rage. Why? First of all, they’re beautiful with thick, flat leaves. Plus, they’re so easy to maintain. They work great as a privacy hedge, are drought tolerant, and fight off whitefly.

To purchase clusia Miami, look no further than B&G’s nursery. B&G’s owner and arborist, Benny Essig, grows each plant with so much love and knowledge. (He may or may not talk to them). Not only do we grow the most beautiful clusias Miami, but we sell them at the best price.

Right now, we’re sellin15-gallon clusias Miami that are 3’-4’ tall for $35 each. Give us a call at 786-717-6899.

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