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Coral Gables Fall Tree Care Tips

October 24, 2017

Read this article to learn about fall tree care tips and coral cables tree trimming

Caring for your trees is vital all around the year. Every season comes with new challenges for your garden which is what makes plants so high maintenance. However, taking care of your trees, whether it is tree trimming in Coral Gables or watering them, becomes all the more important during the Fall season. It is the shifting from dehydrating summers to stormy winters. In order to make your trees strong enough to bear the winter storms and stay safe of diseases or pests, it is important to pay extra attention during the fall season. Here are some helpful tips to ease your process of tree care, specifically in Coral Gables.

Regular watering during summers isn’t enough

You may think that you didn’t let your plants or trees get dehydrated during summers. Your shrubs and trees were always provided with enough water to stay healthy. However, that alone isn’t enough. Your tree can do with some extra care like the addition of fertilizers, soil care and tree trimming especially in Coral Gables. All these will give extra strength to your tree. Thus, your garden will remain steady, pest free and completely healthy throughout the winter season. In case your tree is already weak in a certain area, the solution isn’t to trim it. This is the time you add braces to provide support in order to let your tree regain strength. Only a strongly rooted tree will survive healthily through the upcoming season. Make sure you thoroughly perform all these care steps for all your trees during the fall season.

Soil care and soil food web

The roots of trees lie in the soil. Strong roots will eventually prevent any further tree issues as well. More often than not, tree problems arise from weak roots. This is also important to make sure your tree will stand straight and sturdy through the stormy season. Fertile soil that is rich in nutrients will be the best place where a strong and healthy tree grows. This is why it’s important to use fertilizers, keep a well hydrated soil layer and create healthy conditions. Use of pH controllers and pest controls is another step of soil care.

Soil food web is a chain that is a natural process that retains your soil’s nutrients. Bacteria, fungi, worm, mites, etc. each play a role. Each one benefits your trees in one way or another. During fall, a well cared for soil will maintain a healthy food web too. Therefore, your soil care plays a major part in the health of trees in the Coral Gables area.

How tree trimming can help

Sometimes, it’s hard to notice an infected tree especially if it has a thick layer of leaves. This is where tree trimming comes in handy for the health of your trees. Tree trimming in Coral Gables makes the tree more bare, hence, making it easy to spot any pests or unusual issues. Diseases can be spotted easily by the help of tree trimming.

Follow this easy guide. Make use of tree trimming in Coral Gables area especially for a healthy fall tree care season.

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