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Field Mowing 101- Field Mowing Miami

July 10, 2018

In this article, learn about Field mowing Miami and best practices for field mowing

Field Mowing 101

A beautiful garden is a result of regular care with at least a hundred steps. Field mowing Miami lawns is highly important to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. Mowing helps get rid of unwanted leaves or stems. It encourages strong growth of stems and leaves that can play a healthy role.

The ideal mowing height

The exact mowing height varies from lawn to lawn depending on the weather conditions, type of grass, etc. Generally, 3 inches is the recommended height at which mowing is started for multi-purpose fields. It is the perfect height for most lawns at which the turf develops a strong root system while minimizing weed pressure. If 3 inches don’t seem to be doing the magic, it is suggested that you start lowering the height by gradual changes of a quarter inch at a time. Never go for an immediate increase in height even if a mowing session was skipped in the routine. The mowing height doesn’t need to be increased during the summer season. Soccer fields can go as low as 1.5 inches whereas higher quality soccer fields can even go down to 1 inch. Lower the mowing height, more the lawn needs fertilization and irrigation.

How often to mow

Once again, how often to mow is a question answered by the type of grass and its growth rate. If the grass doesn’t grow back enough for a month, you shouldn’t mow it. Mowing is also recommended to be minimized if the field is showing signs of drought stress or if the soil is saturated. In instances like these, refer to a field mowing Miami expert to find out what’s best for your garden. Another tip to keep in mind is to mow in opposite directions each time around.

Efficient mowing

Different types of mowing equipment prove efficient in different scenarios. Reel mowers and rotary mowers are usually the choices of equipment in case of sports fields. These options are recommended for a low height mow. Fields with a smooth layout are where reel mowers are mostly used. Rotary mowers aren’t as fuel efficient as reel mowers. However, both of these options help perform the task in a time-efficient manner. The traditional mowers will take up 3 hours to do what these mowers can do in 10 minutes only.

Sports fields usually have a striped pattern. That is created by reel mowers. It is basically rear rollers that help create a light and dark effect in mowed stripes. Previously, only reel mowers had rear rollers. But, new rotary mowers are coming with this technology as well.

Hire a professional

There are a lot of tricks involved with field mowing. Miami professionals can help you perform the task in the best possible way. It is best to leave the matter in the hand of an expert because experimenting with field mowing can cost you your garden’s health. Over mowing is a common issue and it leads to a dead turf. Not mowing to an appropriate height can also be harmful. Hire a field mowing Miami expert to avoid any blunders.

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