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Good Tree Trimming Doesn’t Involve Tree Topping: Tree Trimming Pinecrest

October 17, 2017

Read this article to learn about why tree topping is bad and tree trimming pinecrest

Good Tree Trimming Doesn’t Involve Tree Topping

Tree trimming in Pinecrest isn’t rare. With the large number of trees around the area, there is always one that is either growing in the wrong direction or has some other issue. Tree trimming in Pinecrest is common but there are some mistakes that are very commonly made. Although you can get a tree trimming service in Pinecrest, but some people like to do it on their own. This article for such people so that they can avoid some very common misconceptions and get a healthy garden with beautiful trees.

What is tree topping

Topping means to cut off tree branches to stubs. The cutting of lateral branches is also topping. It is done mostly to reduce the height of trees that seem to grow too tall and impose a risk. Some house owners to tree topping if they think the tree has grown too big for their garden size, or may start to damage their property.

Why is it bad

Topping doesn’t sound too bad. It’s simply like trimming a tree to make it shape better. Well, that’s not the case. Topping actually hurts your tree.

Leaves are the tree’s source of food production. A tree without leaves means a starving tree. Tree trimming in Pinecrest rids the trees of 50% to 100% of their leaf bearing part. Long story short, topping is like taking away the tree’s food which can stress a tree. With no leaf crown to absorb the sun rays, the inner part of the tree is exposed to harsh sunlight. Much like humans, this causes sunburns for trees too. Along with all of this, it also causes the wood to start decaying. The tissue is damaged and eventually the tree starts decaying.

What to do if it happens

If you’ve got a topped tree, you must be worried by now. However, take a breath of relief because you can help your tree get back on the track of health. Firstly, trees are self-dependent so they grow back. Since topping leads to lack of energy, trees naturally try to grow back faster. So they’re already on their way back. All you have to do now is take some more steps to aid this process.

The first thing you need to do is have patience. The growing back is going to be fast, and there will be a lot of new sprouting branches. Do not cut these off at any cost. Let these grow fully before you try to prune or shape the tree. You’ll notice that there are some branches that seem the strongest and basically dominate the tree. These are called leaders. Prevent these branches from any damage like cracks or decay. Now, you need to cut off the weak sprouts. However, be very careful. Do not accidentally cut off the stronger ones. Also make sure to keep these sprouts evenly spread around the leaders for a balanced growth. Stay regular with this routine and your tree will grow back into it’s natural shape in 4 to 6 years.

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