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Gorgeous Garden in Miami

December 5, 2016

Get a gorgeous garden in Miami with the help of a landscaping expert

The city of Miami has a crazy obsession with the plant kingdom. Miami is the only city in the entire world to have an Everglades ecosystem. The love for flora is evidently seen in almost all of the properties of the city.

The mind blowing homes in Miami feature luscious green gardens with exquisite and exotically stunning flowers and hedges along with intricately well-trimmed trees. Even the number of homes with creative landscaping in Miami has gone up in recent years. But maintaining a property is never an easy task which is why it is a wise decision to hire a landscaping expert to take care of your landscaping needs.

BG Property Maintenance is a family-owned tree service and lawn maintenance company based in Miami, which offers excellent services in landscaping such as tree trimming and removal, stump removal, lawn maintenance, fumigation and arborist consultations, all of them at an affordable price. The company is headed by Benny Essig, an ISA Certified Arborist himself and boasts of a talented stuff who is ever ready to help you with any kind of landscaping needs.

Call or email them to get a free estimate for any of their services and do check out their website at to know more.

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