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How to Know if Your Tree is About to Fall- Tree Removal Coral Gables

December 11, 2018

Read this article to learn about tree removal coral gables and How to know if your tree is about to fall 

How to Know if Your Tree is About to Fall – Tree Removal Coral Gables

The saddest day for a garden lover is when a plant or tree dies. You can put in all the love and effort possible but still, one day those trees will collapse and come to an end. You can make the best of the last few living days of your tree by figuring out if your tree is going to fall soon. Here are some signs that will help you identify the end of your precious plant.

Cavities and cracks

A tree with holes, cavities, and deep cracks will be falling down in just a few days. What happens is that branches that fall off naturally leave behind open spaces. These become breeding grounds for diseases which eat up the tree. You can still save your tree by treating the affected areas properly. Feel free to consult an arborist for this matter.

Weak branches

A tree that is growing weak is one that will die soon unless you try to save it. A very noticeable sign is fragile branches. If you’re seeing too many broken branches on the ground after the slightest winds blow, be ready for a dying tree. Trees usually shed off branches on their own. This means you can notice branches falling off even when the weather is calm. Self pruning is the tree’s way to extend its life. Getting rid of branches minimizes the tree’s needs, weight as well as size. However, without your help, the tree won’t be able to recover.

Rotting roots

Most plant issues start from the roots and that is where diseases can be easily spotted too. However, the challenge is that soil covers roots which makes it impossible for you to keep an eye on them. But, there are other signs that indicate issues with the roots. These include growth of mushrooms near the base of the tree, fungi on the lower trunk, growth of twigs near the surface, etc.

Unusual branch growth

The ideal distance between branches on a tree should be such that it creates a U shape. If you notice the U shrinking into a V, it’s a sign. This feature is hard to notice with dense leaves. However, it will be easier to spot during fall.

What to do if the threat is real

If you notice these signs, there is a high chance that your tree will fall in the near future. Trees are huge structure and considering that a natural fall can be on either side, it could cause a huge deal of damage. Not only is your own property potentially threatened, the nearby area can also be affected. If you want to keep yourself safe from getting sued for causing damage, it’s best to consult tree removal Coral Gables experts. These educated people will help you in tree removal. Coral Gables, luckily, is a place where finding professional help isn’t too hard. Contact your nearest tree removal Coral Gables service provider to get rid of a dangerous tree!

What to Do If Your Tree Is Struck by Lightning – Tree Removal Kendall

December 4, 2018

In this article learn about Tree removal kendall and How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

As the storm season approaches, garden owners start getting more and more worried. It is most definitely one of the hardest times faced by your trees. With risk of falling or damaging themselves, trees also have a chance of getting struck by lightning. If the latter unfortunate incident does happen, here’s what you should do.

How to tell if a tree has been attacked

Lightning is definitely a strong shock on the trees. If a tree is attacked, you will very easily be able to tell. Most trees die instantly on contact with lightning. However, the few brave ones that make it out alive will also have clear effects showing through. Any tree that is attacked by something as strong as lightning becomes very vulnerable. The tree might have survived now but it will become prone to all possible infestations and diseases which will eventually kill it. Although all trees have a possibility of getting struck by lightning, oak, poplar, gum, maple, and pine trees have the highest chance.

The reason why trees have such little chance of survival is because they are the perfect conductors. Trees, like all plants, soak up water. Their barks are filled with high water contents. Being the tallest in an open space while being full of the best electrical conductor that is water, trees make easy targets.

What to do after the examination

If your tree has survived, there is little you can do to extend its life. First of all, make sure you don’t go near the affected tree immediately after it has been struck. Your own safety is the most important. After a while, water your tree generously. Also, to boost recovery, provide as many nutrients as possible. Be generous with fertilizers but at the same time, don’t go overboard. Since your tree will be extremely vulnerable, you must keep a close eye. Regularly check the tree to keep it safe from further attacks by insects or other diseases. Lightning will have left some cracks in parts of the tree trunk. If these cracks aren’t spreading further, that means your tree is recovering. If you can keep the tree alive till spring season, consider it safe.

Dealing with a dead tree

The equivalent of a funeral and morgue for your dead tree is tree removal. Kendall luckily offers a number of professional services to help you in this matter. Tree removal Kendall services are the best to hire to ensure a safe experience. You do not want to take a risk by trying to do this activity on your own. Big trees can fall and cause life threatening damage if something goes wrong. Stay safe and make it easy for yourself as well as for your tree by hiring professional tree removal Kendall experts. These people will do it the right way to make sure that in the future, the same soil and area can become home to a new plant.

Signs your Tree Needs to be Trimmed- Tree Trimming Kendall

October 9, 2018

In this article, learn Signs your tree needs to be trimmed and about tree trimming kendall

Signs your tree needs to be trimmed

Did you know that one of the most common garden care routine is tree trimming? Kendall citizens need to pay attention to their gardens in order to have lush green heavenly gardens. If you think your trees don’t need tree trimming Kendall services, the following points might change your mind.

Branches breaking off or too thick

Unhealthy trees start producing weak branches that break off very easily. Tree trimming helps boost healthy growth of branches. On the other hand, if your tree has branches that are too thick, that isn’t a good sign either. Not only will these branches block sunlight from reaching the inner parts if the tree, they will also exert unwanted pressure on the roots. Trimming these branches off is the best option.

Uneven tree shape

Every garden owner’s dream is to have a lush garden with very neat plants. This neat and unified look comes from trimmed trees. Tree trimming allows you to have control on the shape of the tree. If your garden looks like it is all over the place, definitely consider a tree trimming session.  Uneven trees, other than being a painful sight, are also unhealthy. The weight distribution isn’t evenly spread out which increases the chance of the tree to be droopy instead of standing upright.

Stagnant growth

This may sound stupid but it’s true that cutting off unwanted parts of the tree will encourage healthier growth. If you notice that most of your branches have tiny leaves that fail to reach their maximum size, there is a possibility that it is being caused due to excessive stress on the tree. The unwanted parts of the tree will soak up majority of the nutrients, leaving behind too little to encourage new parts of the tree to grow. Trimming these unwanted parts will definitely boost the growth of healthier tree  branches.

Dead parts or fungus

Mostly, huge trees start getting fungus or other infestations in the lower parts, specially on the trunk. The common reason behind this issue is that sunlight fails to reach these areas. If the tree top is too dense, sometimes air won’t have a clear passage to get to the inner trunk either. Both these issues can be eliminated by cutting off weak branches and leaves. These parts of the plant have a chance of falling off on their own but that will leave your tree looking uneven. The weaker parts may even pose damage during the storm season. Before these issues arise, you should trim the trees that need help. Another sign that helps identify this issue is a cracking bark. You’ll notice either a lot of cracks or just a few deeps ones. They both are signs to be cautious of.

If your tree is displaying any of these issues, make sure you get tree trimming Kendall services or else, you could harm your trees. Tree pruning is a healthy method of encouraging tree growth and strength. Hire a professional for the best results and maximum security.

How to know if your tree is sick

September 12, 2018

In this article, learn about arborist miami and how to know if your tree is sick

How to Know if Your Tree is Sick

It’s not wrong that plants are just as living as humans. Just because you don’t see a tree walking around or vocally complaining, that doesn’t mean your tree isn’t feeling anything. It is true that trees can fall sick too. If that is surprising to you, don’t worry. We’re here to educate you on how to recognize a sick tree and what to do next.

Symptoms of sickness

Although it is best if you hire professional services regularly to keep a check on the health of your trees, there still are some tips you can use to examine your garden on your own. Of course, the health of your tree won’t be the easiest to determine considering that trees have no way of responding to you except showing signs of sickness on their own bodies. This is why examining every part of a tree is important.

A sick tree’s trunk will not be healthy. It will have decaying and rotting parts. You will also notice that if there ever was the slightest damage on the trunk, it won’t be healed. A healthy tree can generate new layers on its trunk but a sick tree will fail to do so. Other than that, the branches and twigs of am unhealthy tree will start appearing saggy and droopy. They will fall of easier due to lack of strength. The branches will also appear bald since leaf production is highly affected by the health of the tree. An easy way to examine your tree is by breaking off a twig from your tree. Then, break this into two parts. If the inside of the twig looks bright green, your tree is healthy. However, dull green insides are a major red flag. Lastly, you should also examine the tree roots. Although roots are the least likely part of the tree to be damaged, they are still very important because the slightest root sickness can kill your tree. Roots won’t be easy to examine since they are buried under a lot of soil. What you can do is make sure that there are no stems growing from the base of the tree and the soil isn’t too compressed.

The only issue that remains is to ensure whether these signs are being shown due to the tree’s sickness or if there is another issue in your garden. In this matter, only a professional arborist can help you.

What to do

All arborist Miami city offers are experts in dealing with sick plants. If you notice any of the aforementioned red flags, contact a professional arborist. Miami is a place where the weather does not allow the slightest delay in the healthcare of plants. Therefore, without experimenting and risking the life of your trees, contact a professional. It will be a favor for your sick tree if you get an expert onto the matter without any unwanted delay whatsoever. Our arborist Miami services are not just quick but also convenient. Give us a call and we’ll be there to save your garden even in the worst conditions!

How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

August 28, 2018

In this article learn about Tree trimming Pinecrest and How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

Trees look like big, strong creatures that no one can bring down. While it is true that trees are big and strong, you need to remember that it is, after all, only roots that are keeping them stuck to the ground. Garden lovers and plant enthusiasts will know very well that during the storm season, even the strongest of trees are in danger. Here are a few precautions you can take to make sure your trees stay put this storm season.

Strong roots, strong tree

As we all know, roots are the only support that trees have. Ultimately, roots are what keep trees connected to the ground. Stronger the roots, stronger the hold of the tree, and lesser the chance of it falling during a heavy storm. Strong roots are not anything impossible to achieve. All you must do is provide enough nutrients and water. Other precautionary measures included minimizing soil digging. Keep the soil firm in your garden. Stay away from excavation. At the same time, make sure there is a passage enough to let air get to your roots. You can opt for mulching to make sure the roots stay as strong as possible.

Trim trees

One solution that seems to rid garden owners of many troubles is tree trimming. Pinecrest luckily is one of the areas where you can avail our professional services. Tree trimming Pinecrest gardens is one of our specialties. If you wish to book an appointment, give us a call.

Tree trimming plays many roles. Firstly, it minimizes the pressure on the roots. For the same strength in the roots, there will be lesser weight of the tree to manage. This means stronger grip. Secondly, tree trimming will rid the tree of excess branches. Weak branches that have a risk of falling will be cut. This will also help utilize the minerals for stronger parts of the tree instead of wasting them on unwanted branches. A well trimmed tree also has a stronger trunk. You should not risk trimming your trees on your own. It is a major risk which is why it is best to hire a professional.

Look after the trunk

The trunk is the main body of the tree. The stronger a trunk, the healthier the branches and lower the chance of tree damage. Other than the regular healthy routine, you can provide extra protection for the trunk. Since Pinecrest is an area that expects a lot of storms, the smart thing to do is add burlap or row cover around the trunk area during the storm season. This will minimize the direct wind pressure as well as prevent debris from causing damage.

Trees that aren’t taken care of have a high chance of damaging property nearby. Before you’re held accountable for a neighbor’s damage or put your own home in danger, it’s better that you book a tree trimming Pinecrest service. Take care of your garden so that this storm season, you and everyone around you is safe!

What to do About Palm Tree Hurricane Damage

August 8, 2018

In this article learn about tree removal miami and What to do About Palm Tree Hurricane Damage

What to do About Palm Tree Hurricane Damage

Palm trees are quite resistant against hurricane damage. Trees are proof of natural engineering and the specific design of the palm trees can make them stand strong against fierce storms. The palm tree’s several features like rambling roots, a wiry trunk, and even the leaves help them survive against the damaging conditions created by hurricanes, cyclones, and tsunamis.

However, every once in a while, Mother Nature can get really punishing. Even the palm trees will be damaged when intense hurricanes hit. In many situations, the tree can become destroyed to an extent that they no longer safe for restoration. Removing them is the only option. For this purpose, you should hire professional tree removers from a tree removal Miami service.

Fixing Palm Tree Hurricane Damage

Depending on the extent of the damage, it is not always possible to fix a palm tree after being damaged by a hurricane. You can look for certain signs but only a professional can give the right opinion after having looked at the tree.

Here are a few signs of damage you can look for:

  • Hanging or dead fronds
  • A leaning trunk
  • Broken stems on a clustering palm
  • Entirely fallen tree

It is highly recommended to call an arborist than trying to fix any damage on your own. Damaged trees can be a risk to your safety. The arborists, on the other hand, are highly skilled and experienced in assessing palm tree damage.

Assessing Tree Damage

The arborist will look for the following kind of damage:

The bud is high up in a palm tree. This is the central part of the tree from where the fronds grow. An intact bud could help restore the tree. A damaged bud will require tree removal Miami services

An intact bud will need months to grow fronds again

Pruning will only be applied to brown and dead fronds. The yellow and green ones are left untouched even if they are bent. They will regain strength as the tree is restored. A fertilizer may be added over time to give life to the yellowed leaves

Hurricanes can often end up damaging the structural strength of the palm tree. If so, the arborist will recommend against propping it up again and refer a removal. If palm trees with damaged structures are not removed, they can be at risk of falling down, which is a safety issue for the people around.

Hiring a Tree Removal Service

If the arborist has suggested removing the tree, it should be taken seriously. However, removing a fully grown palm tree is not easy even when damaged. This is why professional tree removers must be hired. You can easily find a tree removal Miami service near you. These professionals are equipped with tools feasible for tree removal without damaging the ground.

They will also meticulously clean the debris once the tree has been removed. They ensure that the ground remains fertile so one can seek other green options for the newly cleared area.

Top 3 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

July 31, 2018

In this article, learn about stump removal coral gables and the Top 3 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

Top 3 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

Trees make up the majority of any garden. They shape the landscape into something neat or could completely ruin your efforts. The process of this grooming involves tree trimming as well as cutting. The removal of a tree leaves behind stumps. Our arborist services offer special stump removal. Coral Gables is among the places where we offer our professional service. If you are confused as to why you need to hire us for stump removal Coral Gables, then keep reading to find some reasons!

Occupy space

Stumps may seem like just a piece of trunk laying low on the ground. However, they are occupying space that could have been utilized by another healthy and wanted plant. Even if you don’t want to add another plant in this area, you can add garden decorations or use the space in a better way. Get stump removal Coral Gables services today to get rid of unwanted stumps!

Growth of new trees is also possible on an existing stump. This will happen naturally even if you don’t provide extra nutrition or care. Other than the space taken up in the yard, the new growing trees will also occupy vertical space, disturbing the rest of the plants. Unwanted trees will block sunlight and suck up nutrients from the soil. This will cause a lack of growth in other smaller plants that you actually want to grow.

Hazard and inconvenience

Tree stumps are a bit higher above the ground level. However, if someone isn’t paying attention, the stump may not be easily visible between the grass. This is a major threat to not just kids, but also adults. It can cause kids to trip over. Your guests might fall and hurt themselves. In this case, these stumps could become a liability! Not only that, the stumps can hurt a car too if the stump is close to the driveway. Other than that, you’ll have a hard time mowing your lawn. The mower will get stuck as the stump will be acting like an obstacle. The process of mowing will become hard as well as time consuming. Along with all these issues, stumps will also be causing damage to your equipment. The mower could break and damage. Instead of waiting for a mishap to happen, take an intelligent step right now! Get the tree stumps removed to prevent yourself from all these hazards and inconveniences.

Don’t look pleasing to the eye

One major reason to get tree stumps removed is that they ruin the look of your garden. If you want a neat and aesthetic garden, stumps are your enemy! Little bumps here and there will make the yard look uneven. The grass won’t be even and the unified look of plants will be hard to achieve. On top of that, stumps will also provide a home for insect infestations.

These are some of the many reasons why stump removal is important in Coral Gables. Contact us to help you get rid of unwanted stumps.

How to Trim Trees for Hurricane Season- Tree Trimming Miami

July 17, 2018

In this article, learn about tree trimming Miami and how to trim trees for hurricane season

How to Trim Trees for Hurricane Season- Tree Trimming Miami

Hurricane season has got to be the number one enemy of garden owners when it comes to weather conditions. To make sure you and your garden survive through this hurricane season, you’re going to need a lot of tips. One garden care tip for the hurricane season is tree trimming. Miami residents cannot afford to be careless in this regard.

Where is the danger

Miami faces some heavy-duty hurricanes. During this time, a lot of trees and even more branches or limbs fall off. Wherever these pieces land, there is a great deal of damage. Falling trees and branches can harm your own property or even your neighbors’. Even if the trees in your garden have strong roots and aren’t a threat, their limbs and weaker branches can break. This is why it is important to trim the weaker parts.

Red flags

Before the hurricane season strikes, you should start inspecting around your garden. Any trees that seem to have irregular branches need to be pruned. Along with that, old trees with highly dense canopies should be trimmed as well. Newly planted trees wouldn’t have strong roots. Therefore, they are a major threat as well. Old trees generally have stronger, deeper roots. However, that isn’t a guarantee of safety. Old trees might be weak too. Furthermore, trees that have co-dominant trunks and thick branches need trimming as well. Any trees with a sign of infestations or infections must be taken care of immediately. Our recommendation is to get a professional’s advice. The expert will examine your garden and let you know exactly which parts are dangerous.

How to do it

All the danger zones mentioned previously must be trimmed. To do so, you are going to need a ladder, chainsaws, and other cutting equipment. It is a dangerous task. Branches and limbs are going to fall down after cutting. Make sure you have a proper arrangement to ensure your and your property’s safety. Keep everyone else away from the worksite or else they could get hurt.

You will need to conduct a trimming session once again after the hurricane season has passed. You’ll have to go through the garden once again to look out for dead or damaged areas. Of course, such branches and trees will not be able to last through even the slightest of breezes. Moreover, you will have to keep an eye out for other hurricane damages. For example, power supply lines may have been damaged. There could have been certain changes during the hurricane that now affect your garden and the tree growth. Once again, it will be better to consult a professional to get the best advice on what to do.

When it comes to tree trimming, Miami is one of the cities where garden owners must do it very regularly. Don’t forget to keep your trees healthy. Stronger trees will last better through hazards like a hurricane. You should hire a professional tree trimming Miami service to avail the best results!

Field Mowing 101- Field Mowing Miami

July 10, 2018

In this article, learn about Field mowing Miami and best practices for field mowing

Field Mowing 101

A beautiful garden is a result of regular care with at least a hundred steps. Field mowing Miami lawns is highly important to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. Mowing helps get rid of unwanted leaves or stems. It encourages strong growth of stems and leaves that can play a healthy role.

The ideal mowing height

The exact mowing height varies from lawn to lawn depending on the weather conditions, type of grass, etc. Generally, 3 inches is the recommended height at which mowing is started for multi-purpose fields. It is the perfect height for most lawns at which the turf develops a strong root system while minimizing weed pressure. If 3 inches don’t seem to be doing the magic, it is suggested that you start lowering the height by gradual changes of a quarter inch at a time. Never go for an immediate increase in height even if a mowing session was skipped in the routine. The mowing height doesn’t need to be increased during the summer season. Soccer fields can go as low as 1.5 inches whereas higher quality soccer fields can even go down to 1 inch. Lower the mowing height, more the lawn needs fertilization and irrigation.

How often to mow

Once again, how often to mow is a question answered by the type of grass and its growth rate. If the grass doesn’t grow back enough for a month, you shouldn’t mow it. Mowing is also recommended to be minimized if the field is showing signs of drought stress or if the soil is saturated. In instances like these, refer to a field mowing Miami expert to find out what’s best for your garden. Another tip to keep in mind is to mow in opposite directions each time around.

Efficient mowing

Different types of mowing equipment prove efficient in different scenarios. Reel mowers and rotary mowers are usually the choices of equipment in case of sports fields. These options are recommended for a low height mow. Fields with a smooth layout are where reel mowers are mostly used. Rotary mowers aren’t as fuel efficient as reel mowers. However, both of these options help perform the task in a time-efficient manner. The traditional mowers will take up 3 hours to do what these mowers can do in 10 minutes only.

Sports fields usually have a striped pattern. That is created by reel mowers. It is basically rear rollers that help create a light and dark effect in mowed stripes. Previously, only reel mowers had rear rollers. But, new rotary mowers are coming with this technology as well.

Hire a professional

There are a lot of tricks involved with field mowing. Miami professionals can help you perform the task in the best possible way. It is best to leave the matter in the hand of an expert because experimenting with field mowing can cost you your garden’s health. Over mowing is a common issue and it leads to a dead turf. Not mowing to an appropriate height can also be harmful. Hire a field mowing Miami expert to avoid any blunders.

Four Reasons to Hire an Arborist in Miami

July 3, 2018

In this article to learn about arborist miami and Four Reasons to Hire an Arborist in Miami

Four Reasons to Hire an Arborist in Miami

Homeowners usually multitask. They like to learn every little skill that is required around the house in order to save up some labor cost. While that is a brilliant money saving tip, sometimes it just leads to more mess than benefit. When it comes to the services of an arborist Miami offers, you need to go ahead and hire a professional instead of experimenting on your own. If you’re wondering why hiring an arborist in Miami is so important, keep reading to find out the 4 very important reasons.

The right amount of pruning

Pruning is an art best performed by an arborist. Miami weather encourages plant growth to the maximum only if the garden is looked after in all possible ways. Pruning is highly important to keep a beautiful landscape while getting rid of unwanted tree mess. An arborist will do it just perfectly. Most garden owners consider pruning an easy job but when they get on with it, they either over prune or don’t do it the right way. It is important to keep in mind that if pruning goes wrong, you could possibly kill your tree. That is how important this step is and hence, you shouldn’t take any risks in this matter.

You’re at risk

Pruning isn’t just tricky, it is also dangerous. Arborists know exactly which branches or limbs need to be cut off and which are better on the tree. At the same time, an arborist Miami also knows which parts of tree pruning can get dangerous. Since pruning is all about managing cutting equipment and cutting off huge parts of trees, things can very easily go wrong. Only the most professional and experienced people can identify a hazardous situation. Statistics have proven that accidents in situations like these have caused a number of injuries and deaths. Therefore, it is best to stay on the safe side.

Heavy-duty equipment

No matter how into gardening you are, you will never be able to get your hands on the heavy-duty equipment that professionals own. Of course, owning the professional equipment also requires proper training to handle the equipment. While you are deprived of this for your own safety, professional arborists have access to all of it. This means it is best to trust a trained person who knows how to lift heavy equipment up to the tree branch that needs to be cut instead of putting yourself into a hazardous situation.

Insurance and protection

Bringing the best out of your garden is done most effectively by an arborist. Miami also offers the privilege of insurance and protection. This means when you hire an arborist to perfect your garden, you have the guaranteed protection in case of any mishap. You must make sure you’re included in this insurance before hiring help. With this protection, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Hiring a professional arborist is ultimately the safest and easiest option for you. In the broader perspective, it ends up being more budget-friendly than any DIY experiments.

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