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Stump Removal Kendall

August 20, 2019

Is It Better To Remove Or Grind A Tree Stump? Stump Removal Kendall

In this article, learn about stump removal kendall

Stump Removal Kendall: Is It Better To Remove Or Grind A Tree Stump?

Living in Kendall, diseased, damaged, or encroaching trees are the main reasons why they are cut down from any premises. Now, tree removal is itself a long process, and it is done piece by piece. After removing the tree, it is time for stump removal.

Many questions arise regarding stump removal. Should you leave it on the ground, grind it, or opt or stump removal.

Reasons behind Stump Removal

Some people have a hard time deciding whether they should leave the tree stump in the yard or take it out for good. It is bad? Initially, an old tree stump might not bother you. But as time passes, you would see that it can lead to few, but annoying issues. First, they cause problems while mowing your lawn. Secondly, it could be a hazard if you have children. They could trip and fall while running in the yard. Also, it could lead to issues when you plant a new tree.

Termites in your tree

Apart from these issues, there is the problem of termites. When the stump gets separated from the tree, it remains there for a long time. Stumps have a very slow decaying process so, that also makes it essential for stump removal in Kendall. Over time, a rotting stump also becomes home to carpenter ants, termites, and other home damaging pests. These insects could spread to other plants and trees in your garden and yard. 

Stump removal and grinding it down are the best ways to avoid the series of these problems. 

Which is better – Stump Grinding or Stump Removal?

With stump grinding and stump removal in Kendall, there are pros and drawbacks of each. But which option you should go for, that greatly depends on your landscaping plans.

What is stump removal?

Let’s talk about stump grinding first. In stump grinding, an arborist uses a machine to shred the stump into small woodchips. Grinding might seem like a more efficient option, but it leaves the roots behind It removes all the visible remains of the tree which are on the ground, but it does not address old tree roots that are branched out deep in the ground. So much so, that sometimes they are 4, 8, or 12 beyond the place of the stump. 

The roots decay naturally, but it is a long and lengthy process that could even take a decade or more to fully break down.

What is stump grinding?

As far as the stump removal process in Kendall is concerned, it is a lot more intrusive compared to grinding. The methods used in stump removal in Kendall involve heaving up the tree stump and digging out all of its roots, which are spread under the ground. It takes a lot of time, manpower, and heavy tools to do it right. After the removal process, you will have a big hole in your yard/garden which you fill up with dirt, and you have a clean slate to start anew. The best thing after stump removal is that you have a neat area for plantation or anything else that you might want to do.

For professional stump removal in Kendall, contact an arborist.

Arborist Miami: Are Your Trees Wilting?

August 13, 2019
Read this article to learn what to do if Your Newly Planted Trees Turning Yellow, Brown, Or Wilting and about arborist Miami

Arborist Miami: Are Your Newly Planted Trees Turning Yellow, Brown, Or Wilting?

When you have recently planted a tree, it is a common occurrence for them to have drooping and yellow leaves, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your tree is not healthy.

When your new tree begins to have yellow or wilting leaves, this is because it is going through an ugly phase. The main signs include the color of the leaves. Sometimes plants are just taking time to get adjusted to the Miami weather.

Why does this happen?

Like humans, after they move to a new place, young trees also go through a stressful period when they are planted somewhere new. So this sudden change in the environment leads to a variety of issues, called transplant shock.

Now, transplant shock usually begins at the roots. Why? There could be numerous reasons. Sometimes the roots do not get enough room to spread out or they failed to get enough water right after getting planted. No matter what the case, whatever is going on below the soil, shows on the leaves. As the roots are not flourishing, you see wilting yellow-brown leaves.

What can you do?

Well, if you are a newbie and not familiar with anything of trees or planting, getting an Arborist in Miami. One might think that after transplant shock, a tree dies. That is not true. In most cases, you can revive a shocked tree. 

To do that, first, you’ll have to ensure that the tree is alive and not diseased. Here’s how you can check that?

Try bending a branch. Because if the branch snaps easily, the tree is dead. As for living trees, the twigs are agile and easily flexible, so you can bend them easily, but they are not easy to break.

Another thing you can do is scratch an area on the twig with a knife or your fingernail. If the layer that is exposed under the bark is fresh green and moist, congratulations, your tree is alive.

Tried and Tested Tips to Get Your Tree back on Track

When trees go through a transplant shock, they need extra affection, love, and care. And along with that, here are a few things you can try if getting an Arborist in Miami is not the available option right now:

Stop Watering So Much

Well, the first thing to do is stop overhydrating your tree. Do not saturate the ground too much. Also, pay attention to rainfall. If nothing works, back off and get hold of a professional Arborist in Miami.

Soil Check

Soil is tree food. So, if you didn’t pay attention to it before, do it now. See that your soil is healthy enough to grow trees. Acidity levels are of substantial importance. You could try fertilizer, but get a professional opinion of an Arborist in Miami first. 

Your Tree could be Diseased

If none of the above problems exist, it is possible that your tree is diseased. Ensure that you buy your tree from reputable sources and see that your yard is safe for plantations. 

Try asking an Arborist in Miami if you are unsure regarding your tree move. 

Stump Removal Miami- 5 Things you Didn’t Know about Tree Stumps

July 30, 2019

In this article, learn about stump removal Miami and 5 Things you Didn't Know about Tree Stumps

5 Things you Didn’t Know about Tree Stumps – Stump Removal Miami

The solution to a troublesome tree is cutting it. But that isn’t the end of the problem. Stumps remain and cause even more trouble. These 5 reasons will convince you for stump removal in Miami.

Downward growth

Just because you cut off the upper part of the tree doesn’t mean that the lower part is dead too. The upper half of the tree is highly dependent on the root system for water and minerals. Yet, the lower part doesn’t rely on photosynthesis as much. Tree stumps can continue growing deeper into the soil. They keep soaking water and nutrients which help continue the speedy growth of the roots. Tree stumps can grow as deep as 20 feet into the ground. This is why getting rid of them completely is important.

Upward growth

Not only can stumps grow downwards, but they also have the tendency to grow upwards into a tree. The exterior of the tree stumps can aid the growth of new trees. Since you had to get the first tree cut, you definitely wouldn’t want it to grow back, especially uninvited. There are enough nutrients that the stump can provide to encourage the tree’s upward growth. If you don’t want that, get your tree stump removed professionally.

Decay process

Most garden owners don’t bother with stump removal is because they are relying on the process of decay to do the job. Let’s say your stump didn’t grow downwards or upwards, you still cannot solely depend on nature to eat up the stump. It can take up to 10 years, usually longer, for a stump to naturally decay. Even if you can wait for that long, it isn’t really a healthy process. While your stump is decaying, your entire garden will become vulnerable to attacks. Your stump will decay slowly but your healthy trees will also pay a price.


Termite attacks are very common on unattended stumps. Termites will infest your garden. Not only will they feed on the stump, but they will also attack nearby trees that are healthy. If certain plants were already in a weak place, termites will be able to kill these plants easily. The infestation can also extend to your home. Once termites find a home in your garden, everything made out of wood will be unsafe. The damages can end up being way more than the cost of stump removal in Miami.


Tree stumps weigh a lot. They can weigh several tons, including all the soil and dirt that has become a part of them. This weight may not bother you as such but if you plan on pulling out the stump on your own, you should know that it is impossible. Moreover, tree stumps don’t just have their literal weight. They are weighing down the soil in other ways too. Stumps continue soaking up minerals from the soil, hence depriving other plants of their fair share.

Stump removal in Miami is an easy to find service. Give us a call and we’ll be at your doorstep!

Tree Trimming Coral Gables

July 23, 2019

In this article, learn about Tree Trimming Coral Gables and if Cutting Off Dead Branches help a tree

Does Cutting Off Dead Branches Help a Tree? Tree Trimming Coral Gables

Tree trimming in Coral Gables is also known as pruning. It is the process of cutting dead branches and unwanted leaves. It is a really helpful process which is why tree trimming in Coral Gables is such a common concept. Here are a few reasons why pruning is so beneficial for your trees.

Prevents wastage of food

Every single leaf and branch on a tree soaks up water and minerals from the soil. Every single part of the tree is utilizing the energy that a tree produces. Whether the branches are useless or not, the tree is getting drained. Tree trimming is done to remove the unwanted branches. It prevents that wastage of nutrients on parts of the plant that are soon going to die or are already half dead. Cutting off branches from the outer part of the tree also allow air to reach the inner branches. This prevents the formation of mold on the tree bark.

Better shape

Branches don’t have a specific pathway to follow when growing. A tree will naturally look messy if you let it grow on its own. Pruning is a tool used to groom trees. Leaves and limbs that are growing out of an imaginary line are trimmed. This gives the tree a neat look. Pruned trees are more beautiful. A garden looks more maintained if the trees in it are all shaped well. It may sound like a luxurious expense but in reality, well-maintained gardens can boost the value if your property. It will also contribute to a fresher environment outside your home.

Healthier growth

Tree trimming is vital for the growth of trees. It is a contradictory phenomenon but it works wonders. Pruning young trees is a great way to encourage their growth. Not only do trimmed trees grow faster, but they are also healthier. A professional arborist can help you shape your young trees in such a way that the overall tree structure is stronger. Pruning allows the arborist to alter the branch growth in a way that the final outcome is healthier than if you let the tree grow on its own.


The branches and leaves that are cut off during tree trimming are the ones that are relatively weaker. These parts of the tree are prone to falling off at any time. Chances are that these branches will fly off during heavy winds or storms. This can be very dangerous. Not only can broken branches hurt you or other people around your garden, but they can also damage your home. Your neighbor’s property can also be damaged. In the longer run, ignored trees can cause more damage than the cost of pruning. Therefore, get your tree trimmed regularly to avoid any mishaps.

Hire professional tree trimming people in Coral Gables to achieve the best results. If you over-prune, it is not good for the tree. Avoid any risks and contact us for trustworthy pruning services in Coral Gables.

Tree Removal Kendall and Property Value

July 16, 2019

In this article learn about tree removal Kendall and  what trees to add and cut down to increase property value

What Trees to Add and Cut Down to Increase Property Value

One reason why trees and well-maintained gardens are so important is that they contribute to the value of your property in tree removal Kendall. There are certain tree categories that can actually boost the value of your home. The right trees can add thousands of dollars in your property’s value. The input is very less in comparison. Here are the trees that will help you maximize the value of your place!

Trees that are valuable

Sugar Maple is very valuable in the world of trees. It is a big tree that needs a lot of area to grow. Vertical as well as horizontal open space should be provided. In order to get the tree to look lush green, you must provide a lot of care. Look after the tree if you really want it to increase your property’s value.

Northern red oak is another tree that you should add to your property. Its beautiful red colors showcase the colors of fall very appropriately. The tree does not require any specific soil type. It will grow anywhere as long the basic needs are fulfilled. The big tree provides a lot of shade as well.

Crape myrtle is perfect for the weather of Southern areas. It is a floral tree which makes it a beautiful addition in the garden. The convenience of this tree is that it grows like a shrub. You can either let the shrub grow fully big or let it stay small.

Concolor fir is a spiky tree. The needle-like leaves are scented. Unlike usual trees, concolor firs have a citrusy smell. They are usually very lush green in color which makes them look very posh.

Bigleaf magnolia is a small-sized tree. It is beautiful due to its huge leaves that look mesmerizing on the tiny tree. It is a flowering tree with white flowers. Bees and pollinators love this tree so keep that in mind when opting for this tree.

Other contributing factors

Simply opting for any of the aforementioned types of trees is not enough. There are some other factors to consider as well.

First of all, the tree should be planted in the right place. Any tree that is closer than 15’ to the house, it is a risk rather than a valuable addition. Similarly, trees that are hanging over your roof need to be eliminated. Hire tree removal Kendall services to get rid of these trees professionally.

You may also need tree removal service in Kendall to get dead and unhealthy plants removed. Such trees can actually devalue your place. Lastly, whatever trees are part of your home, they should be well-maintained. It should be pruned. The health and state of the tree should be strong. The risk of diseases should also be eliminated. Moreover, it shouldn’t be a tree that would easily knockdown in a storm.

To hire trustworthy tree removal professionals in Kendall, contact us. We’re experienced and will always have a solution to your garden’s problems!

Arborist Miami and Healthy Trees

February 28, 2019

In this article learn what trees need to be healthy and about the best arborist in Miami

What Do Trees Need To Be Healthy – Arborist Miami

Animals, humans or trees, every living thing needs to be taken care of to elongate their life span. If you don’t want your precious trees to lose the battle against strong storms, you must provide a care routine that will keep the trees healthy. Here are some tips that will help your trees become stronger and healthier. Spoiler alert: You need a certified arborist miami.

Regularly water the trees

Trees need water just as much as oxygen. Lack of water leads to hindrance in photosynthesis which eventually results in the weak health of the tree. You need to regularly water your tree for its maximum strength. Undisturbed photosynthesis is the only way to ensure that your tree gets all the required nutrients. You’ll have to alter the watering schedules according to the weather conditions. If it’s the growing season, your trees will need more water than regular days. Up to 12 gallons is recommended. During the rainy days, minimize this amount. Over watering can also be harmful. The general idea is to keep the soil around the tree always an inch deep in water.

Use fertilizers

Although photosynthesis is the ultimate source of food for the trees, some extra nutrition won’t be harmful. Fertilizers serve as an easy push towards a better tree. You don’t really have to do much. Purchase a bag of fertilizer that is recommended for certain tree types. Use this once or twice on a weekly basis during the growing season. For regular days, you can make use of leaves and grass clippings to provide a 100% natural fertilizer. In order to make sure that nothing is going overboard, use a tester to figure out what the soil lacks and what you shouldn’t provide more of.

Trim often

Pruning is vital for a tree’s growth. It is somewhat of a paradox because you’re cutting your tree so that it grows. However, it is actually very effective. You can hire a professional arborist in Miami to get your tree pruned without any risks. Pruning involves cutting off dead branches only. Don’t take matters in your hand unless you’re sure of what you’re doing.

Be knowledgeable

Mere knowledge can be the cure for many issues. Since you own a garden, you’re responsible for taking care of your trees. Educate yourself on tree related issues so that you always offer only the best. Knowledge is key when planting trees. Always plant trees according to the atmosphere, weather conditions, and your expertise.

Take help from a professional

Arborists in Miami will help you maintain a lush garden. No matter how knowledgeable you are, arborists of Miami will always know better. Hire these professional services before a disease or bad weather strikes for preventative measures. Get the help of the arborist in Miami again if there is still an attack. Regular sessions are only going to make your life easier.

If you’re looking for an arborist in Miami, feel free to contact us. We offer all kinds of tree and plant related services professionally!

What is the Best Time of Year to Remove a Tree?

February 13, 2019

In this article, learn about tree removal miami and the best time of year to remove a tree

What is the Best Time of Year to Remove a Tree?

Are you wondering what is the right time to cut down a tree? Thinking of doing it yourself? Well, there is no right time to cut down a tree. Trees are essential for our survival. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to remove a tree to keep nearby properties and people safe.

There are several things you need to consider as it is a dangerous task. One of the most crucial aspects is the time of year.

Whether you want to expand your yard or want to get rid of a diseased tree, you must keep in mind the time of year. In this post, we have shed light on the best time for tree removal Miami. Have a look!

When is the Best Time to Remove a Tree?

In case the tree is decayed, damaged, or weakened, the right time will be as soon as possible. This is because it might affect other trees as well. It means if your tree has a disease or pest, such as oak wilt or emerald ash borer, you must remove it quickly.

If the tree has roots upheaving or the tree is leaning, it will be a threat to the safety of your family and structure. So, it is best to get rid of that tree before it causes any damage.

Moreover, in case, there are no severe problems with the tree, the best time of year for tree removal Miami is a dormant season. For those who don’t know, dormant season is when all the leaves on the tree fall off. Mostly, late winter and early spring is the perfect time of year to remove a tree.

This is because, in the dormant season, the branches are not leafy and are light in weight. It becomes easy for the arborist to handle and cut the branches. According to experts, late winter is an ideal time to remove trees as the yard will be frozen that will help keep other trees in place.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you should never remove a tree in summer. The reason behind this is that the heat will stress the plant further.

However, tree removal depends on various factors. The age and type of the tree are two of the most important aspect. In order to get a correct idea about tree removal, you should contact the local arborist to inspect the tree. They will inform you about the right time for its removal.

How to Reduce Cost When Removing a Tree?

Many people believe that it is inexpensive to remove tree during winters. There are numerous things you need to consider for tree removal Miami. The cost of cutting a tree depends on the size, type, and location of the tree rather than the time of year.

Therefore, the perfect way to save money is by hiring a professional to get the job done. This is because tree removal Miami is a tricky and challenging task. For keeping your property and your family safe, you can contact us.

3 Reasons Why Clusia Plants Thrive in Miami – Clusia Miami

February 6, 2019

In this article learn, 3 Reasons Why Clusia Plants Thrive in Miami and about Clusia Miami

3 Reasons Why Clusia Plants Thrive in Miami

Are you in search of plants that will enhance the look of your house? There are a plethora of plants that you can get for your outdoor space. However, selecting one can be a daunting and dreadful task. You will have to keep in mind various factors such as climate, location, size, and many other things.

When it comes to choosing a plant that can survive in Miami, Clusia Rosea and Clusia Guttifera is the right choice. This post highlights the reasons why Clusia Miami is an ideal plant for landscapes. Continue reading to know more about Clusia plants.

What Makes Them Special?

Clusia plant is perfect for home landscapes because they are drought resistant. It is a salt-tolerant plant that can grow moderately in the climatic conditions of Miami. These are crucial characteristics of this unique and brilliant plant.

Aesthetic Value

One of the reasons for having plants in your home is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. When it comes to Clusia, it offers aesthetic value in different ways. You can place it on the porch for a warm welcome of your guests. Moreover, you can turn it into a hedge or grow as a shrub for more privacy and security.

A wonderful thing about the Clusia Miami is that it will shine no matter where you place them. Your house will have a clam and green hue, helping in promoting a serene and relaxing environment. A great thing about this plant is its texture. It has a leathery texture; if a scratch is left on the leave, it will remain there until it is separated from the plant. This is the reason why it is also called “Autograph Plant”.


Another reason why Clusia thrives well in Miami is their foliage. This plant has plenty of large leaves and is thick. The shape of the leaves is either teardrop or paddle. Its leaves are the key factors that contribute to its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the leaves stay evergreen throughout the year.

As far as size is concerned, the Clusias are diverse. Clusia rosea plant can grow up to 25 feet tall as a tree. As a shrub, it can be 8 to 10 feet wide. On the other hand, Clusia guttifera can grow 5 to 6 feet tall.

Survive in Hot Climate

The best thing about Clusia plant is its drought-resistant characteristic. This means the plant can thrive well in dry and hot weather. You can go on a long vacation and not have to worry about your plants dying. This is why it is a great plant to grow your Miami house.

Overall, Clusia rosea or guttifera is an excellent plant for your house in Miami. It will shine in your house all year round and you will not have to water it frequently. Thanks to its salt-tolerant characteristic, it can easily grow moderately in the tropical climate of Miami. So, if you wish to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, grow Clusia Miami in your house.

Why is Tree Trimming Important? Tree Trimming Miami

January 30, 2019

In this article, learn why tree trimming is important and about tree trimming miami

Why is Tree Trimming Important?

The exterior of your house is the first thing people will notice. If it is not well-maintained, it gives a bad impression on bystanders and your guests.

For providing a great and appealing look to your house, you need to make sure the landscape is maintained. There are different tasks, some are easy while some may require expert assistance. The most challenging tasks for homeowners is the tree trimming Miami.

Some people don’t pay attention to the trees in their yard. This results in their space appearing terrible and untidy. Let’s face it, everyone thinks cutting a branch or trimming a tree is an extremely easy and simple job. Unfortunately, it is much more challenging than it seems. You might need the help of a professional as you don’t have complete knowledge, the right equipment, or skills to do the job.

In this post, we have mentioned the reasons why you need to hire professionals to trim the tree. But, before you read the reasons, you must know the significance of tree trimming Miami.

Importance of Tree Trimming

We have to prune the trees because we have to make sure they look natural and doesn’t become a threat to everyone’s safety. Everybody knows trees need to be pruned to keep the trees strong and enhance their appearance.

In simple words, pruning is eliminating or cutting down selective branches of the tree. This will help in improving the health and structure of your tree. Here are the reasons why it is important to trim the tree.

Through tree trimming, you can say goodbye to decayed and damaged branches, so it cannot damage other branches.

It provides a clean and elegant look to your yard.

This will help prevent the branches from interfering with the power lines.

There will be no branch hanging over the roof.

By removing old branches of the tree, it can give the tree light for promoting growth.

It will protect your property from potential damage

Reasons to Hire Professional Help

There are numerous reasons why hiring expert assistance is a better choice.

Experienced and Trained

One of the first reasons for getting expert help is their experience. They perform trimming and other landscaping tasks on daily basis. They have the right skill and comprehensive knowledge of the pruning techniques. They are trained to use all the machinery and have safety training. They know how to complete the trimming job properly.

Additionally, the professionals have information about all types of trees. They will know how much branch they should cut. This is crucial when trimming the tree as even a slight mistake can result in detrimental accidents.


When trimming the trees, you need to have the right tools. Sometimes, you might need a crane and electric saw if the trees are large. Most tools are heavy and sharp, you should be extremely careful when using them. So, it is recommended to hire a company rather than buying it yourself.

If you need more information, kindly get in touch with a good tree trimming company. 

What is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome? Arborist Miami

January 22, 2019

Read this article to learn what sudden branch drop syndrome is and and why you may need the help of an arborist in Miami

What is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome? Arborist Miami

Did a heavy branch of your tree drop down unexpectedly? Are you wondering if other branches will fall as well? If after a storm the branch of your tree crashes down, it is probably because the branch was damaged during the storm.

However, if on a summer day without the wind, a heavy branch of your tree falls down, it is something you should be worried about. All the problems with trees are alarming, but Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome is an extremely serious one.

Do you know what sudden branch drop syndrome is? If not, then you are the right place. We have shed light on this alarming tree problem. Have a look!

What Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome Is?

Sudden branch drop syndrome can happen mostly in summer. This is why it is also known as Summer Limb Failure or Summer Branch Drop. It can happen to any tree; a limb of a healthy tree can crash down in hot and summer days.

The exact reasons for this syndrome are still unknown. Many experts mentioned the trees which are old are more prone to this problem. Though it can happen to all types of trees, the most common ones include eucalyptus, beech, sycamore, elm, ash, and oak.

What You Must Do?

There is not much you can do for the fallen limb, but you can save the rest of your tree. If a branch of your tree has fallen down, you should immediately get your tree inspected by arborist Miami. This is because the first fall of the limb was unannounced; however, the trees affected by this syndrome will shed more limbs.

Hence, you must act instantly to ensure your tree is healthy. It is recommended to take measures to decrease injury and damage.

Why You Should Hire an Arborist Miami To Inspect Your Tree?

When it comes to inspecting your tree, no matter how much knowledge you have gained from the internet, you cannot compete with a professional. An arborist Miami is experienced and highly-trained to inspect the tree for decay, damage, and sudden branch drop syndrome. Here are few of the most compelling reasons for hiring an expert.


The arborist Miami is not only experienced but has extensive knowledge about inspecting the health of the tree. They are high-qualified and skilled professionals who inspect various kinds of trees on daily basis.

Checking your tree after a sudden drop syndrome can be dangerous. This is because the branches might be unstable and fragile. Without professional help, you might obtain severe injuries.

So, it is best to get expert assistance to ensure there is no damage to your family and property.

Right Tools

Another reason why you need professional arborist Miami is that they have state-of-the-art equipment for inspection. The tools are heavy and expensive; for using them, you need proper training. The experts have gone through safety training to minimize the damage.

Overall, sudden branch drop syndrome can happen to any tree. This is why it advised getting arborist Miami to check your tree’s health frequently.

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