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How to Trim Trees for Hurricane Season- Tree Trimming Miami

July 17, 2018

In this article, learn about tree trimming Miami and how to trim trees for hurricane season

How to Trim Trees for Hurricane Season- Tree Trimming Miami

Hurricane season has got to be the number one enemy of garden owners when it comes to weather conditions. To make sure you and your garden survive through this hurricane season, you’re going to need a lot of tips. One garden care tip for the hurricane season is tree trimming. Miami residents cannot afford to be careless in this regard.

Where is the danger

Miami faces some heavy-duty hurricanes. During this time, a lot of trees and even more branches or limbs fall off. Wherever these pieces land, there is a great deal of damage. Falling trees and branches can harm your own property or even your neighbors’. Even if the trees in your garden have strong roots and aren’t a threat, their limbs and weaker branches can break. This is why it is important to trim the weaker parts.

Red flags

Before the hurricane season strikes, you should start inspecting around your garden. Any trees that seem to have irregular branches need to be pruned. Along with that, old trees with highly dense canopies should be trimmed as well. Newly planted trees wouldn’t have strong roots. Therefore, they are a major threat as well. Old trees generally have stronger, deeper roots. However, that isn’t a guarantee of safety. Old trees might be weak too. Furthermore, trees that have co-dominant trunks and thick branches need trimming as well. Any trees with a sign of infestations or infections must be taken care of immediately. Our recommendation is to get a professional’s advice. The expert will examine your garden and let you know exactly which parts are dangerous.

How to do it

All the danger zones mentioned previously must be trimmed. To do so, you are going to need a ladder, chainsaws, and other cutting equipment. It is a dangerous task. Branches and limbs are going to fall down after cutting. Make sure you have a proper arrangement to ensure your and your property’s safety. Keep everyone else away from the worksite or else they could get hurt.

You will need to conduct a trimming session once again after the hurricane season has passed. You’ll have to go through the garden once again to look out for dead or damaged areas. Of course, such branches and trees will not be able to last through even the slightest of breezes. Moreover, you will have to keep an eye out for other hurricane damages. For example, power supply lines may have been damaged. There could have been certain changes during the hurricane that now affect your garden and the tree growth. Once again, it will be better to consult a professional to get the best advice on what to do.

When it comes to tree trimming, Miami is one of the cities where garden owners must do it very regularly. Don’t forget to keep your trees healthy. Stronger trees will last better through hazards like a hurricane. You should hire a professional tree trimming Miami service to avail the best results!

Field Mowing 101- Field Mowing Miami

July 10, 2018

In this article, learn about Field mowing Miami and best practices for field mowing

Field Mowing 101

A beautiful garden is a result of regular care with at least a hundred steps. Field mowing Miami lawns is highly important to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. Mowing helps get rid of unwanted leaves or stems. It encourages strong growth of stems and leaves that can play a healthy role.

The ideal mowing height

The exact mowing height varies from lawn to lawn depending on the weather conditions, type of grass, etc. Generally, 3 inches is the recommended height at which mowing is started for multi-purpose fields. It is the perfect height for most lawns at which the turf develops a strong root system while minimizing weed pressure. If 3 inches don’t seem to be doing the magic, it is suggested that you start lowering the height by gradual changes of a quarter inch at a time. Never go for an immediate increase in height even if a mowing session was skipped in the routine. The mowing height doesn’t need to be increased during the summer season. Soccer fields can go as low as 1.5 inches whereas higher quality soccer fields can even go down to 1 inch. Lower the mowing height, more the lawn needs fertilization and irrigation.

How often to mow

Once again, how often to mow is a question answered by the type of grass and its growth rate. If the grass doesn’t grow back enough for a month, you shouldn’t mow it. Mowing is also recommended to be minimized if the field is showing signs of drought stress or if the soil is saturated. In instances like these, refer to a field mowing Miami expert to find out what’s best for your garden. Another tip to keep in mind is to mow in opposite directions each time around.

Efficient mowing

Different types of mowing equipment prove efficient in different scenarios. Reel mowers and rotary mowers are usually the choices of equipment in case of sports fields. These options are recommended for a low height mow. Fields with a smooth layout are where reel mowers are mostly used. Rotary mowers aren’t as fuel efficient as reel mowers. However, both of these options help perform the task in a time-efficient manner. The traditional mowers will take up 3 hours to do what these mowers can do in 10 minutes only.

Sports fields usually have a striped pattern. That is created by reel mowers. It is basically rear rollers that help create a light and dark effect in mowed stripes. Previously, only reel mowers had rear rollers. But, new rotary mowers are coming with this technology as well.

Hire a professional

There are a lot of tricks involved with field mowing. Miami professionals can help you perform the task in the best possible way. It is best to leave the matter in the hand of an expert because experimenting with field mowing can cost you your garden’s health. Over mowing is a common issue and it leads to a dead turf. Not mowing to an appropriate height can also be harmful. Hire a field mowing Miami expert to avoid any blunders.

Four Reasons to Hire an Arborist in Miami

July 3, 2018

In this article to learn about arborist miami and Four Reasons to Hire an Arborist in Miami

Four Reasons to Hire an Arborist in Miami

Homeowners usually multitask. They like to learn every little skill that is required around the house in order to save up some labor cost. While that is a brilliant money saving tip, sometimes it just leads to more mess than benefit. When it comes to the services of an arborist Miami offers, you need to go ahead and hire a professional instead of experimenting on your own. If you’re wondering why hiring an arborist in Miami is so important, keep reading to find out the 4 very important reasons.

The right amount of pruning

Pruning is an art best performed by an arborist. Miami weather encourages plant growth to the maximum only if the garden is looked after in all possible ways. Pruning is highly important to keep a beautiful landscape while getting rid of unwanted tree mess. An arborist will do it just perfectly. Most garden owners consider pruning an easy job but when they get on with it, they either over prune or don’t do it the right way. It is important to keep in mind that if pruning goes wrong, you could possibly kill your tree. That is how important this step is and hence, you shouldn’t take any risks in this matter.

You’re at risk

Pruning isn’t just tricky, it is also dangerous. Arborists know exactly which branches or limbs need to be cut off and which are better on the tree. At the same time, an arborist Miami also knows which parts of tree pruning can get dangerous. Since pruning is all about managing cutting equipment and cutting off huge parts of trees, things can very easily go wrong. Only the most professional and experienced people can identify a hazardous situation. Statistics have proven that accidents in situations like these have caused a number of injuries and deaths. Therefore, it is best to stay on the safe side.

Heavy-duty equipment

No matter how into gardening you are, you will never be able to get your hands on the heavy-duty equipment that professionals own. Of course, owning the professional equipment also requires proper training to handle the equipment. While you are deprived of this for your own safety, professional arborists have access to all of it. This means it is best to trust a trained person who knows how to lift heavy equipment up to the tree branch that needs to be cut instead of putting yourself into a hazardous situation.

Insurance and protection

Bringing the best out of your garden is done most effectively by an arborist. Miami also offers the privilege of insurance and protection. This means when you hire an arborist to perfect your garden, you have the guaranteed protection in case of any mishap. You must make sure you’re included in this insurance before hiring help. With this protection, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Hiring a professional arborist is ultimately the safest and easiest option for you. In the broader perspective, it ends up being more budget-friendly than any DIY experiments.

Should You Plant a Tree Where Another Tree Was?

June 26, 2018

In this article, learn about tree removal miami and if you should plant a tree where another tree was

Should You Plant a Tree Where Another Tree Was? Tree Removal Miami

Planting a tree is a great contribution towards the nature particularly in today’s time when the world is fighting with dire pollution issues. It will not only make the place look better but will also give you a fresh air to breathe in. However, when it comes to planting at a site where a tree was already planted, there are many things that you have to keep in your mind. Before that, there is a question that needs to be answered.

Can you replant a tree in the same spot?

There are two answers to this question. Yes, you can grow a replant a tree at the same spot. The second answer to the question is a no. We have enlisted the reasons why and they are as follows:

It the former tree had a disease and it was removed, it can still leave some pathogen in the soil which is harmful to the tree. So make sure that if you are planting a new tree in the same spot, plant the one which can fight that problem.

There are many essential nutrients in the soil which are needed by every plant while growing. So if the old tree has stripped off, then it would have stripped off those nutrients as well. This will make it harder for the other plant to grow up.

If the tree was chopped off, then the sawdust that was left behind can mix with the soil. This is one of the factors why the soil gets unfertile or faces some kind of imbalance due to which you cannot plant any other tree in the same spot.

If the tree was not properly taken off then there are chances that the roots of the old plant are still present in the soil. This will make things hard for the new plant as it will not have much room for its roots to grow.

These are the factors why it is said not to plant a tree at the older spot. However, if you are still willing to grow a plant at the same spot, these are the things that you must look out for:

Make sure that you are aware of the health of the old tree. If the tree was infected, make sure that you mark the spot and pant the tree that can fight with the cause.

Give it some time. Within a small passage of time, the roots of the older tree will decompose and you can then plant a new tree at the same spot

You can do some practical work by clearing out the sawdust from the hole and clear out all the roots of the old tree. Make sure that the plant gets a fresh and fertile soil.

If you are still willing to plant a tree in the same spot, then we would recommend you to hire professional services for Tree Removal Miami. They will check the whole site and will suggest you the best opinion.

Top 5 Summer Tree Care Tips

June 19, 2018

In this article, learn about tree trimming Miami and Top 5 Summer Tree Care Tips

Top 5 Summer Tree Care Tips

From pest infestation preventions to planting trees to tree trimming, Miami is a place where garden owners must cater to the needs of plants to ensure a healthy garden. This calls for seasonal care tips that vary from one season to another. Here the top 5 tree care habits to adopt this summer.


It is summer. Miami gets all the bright sun that is possible. This comes with dehydrated throats and plants. The number one advice we have for you is to water your plants regularly. Do not dehydrate them but also don’t over water. We recommend watering in small amounts but frequently instead of flooding your garden once a while. You can come up with a regular routine of watering plants once in the morning and once in the evening. This will be especially helpful to boost the growth of new plants. A tip to check if your soil is wet enough is to poke it. If the top 3 inches are soft and moist, you’re good to go.


Pruning is a tree trimming Miami process that removes weak or unwanted parts of a plant. Pruning is a necessary step in every season. Pruning during the summers will also make your garden storm-proof. Since pruning gets rid of all weak branches, there will be minimal chance of damage when a thunderstorm strikes. Other than that, pruning enhances the physical look of trees by making them neat around the edges. You can consult with a tree trimming Miami expert to get this step done.


Mulching is usually carried out during the spring season. However, if you forgot to do it then, now is high time to fix your mistake. Mulching is the process of adding shredded wood around new plants for various reasons. Mulch protects small plants from extreme temperatures. It also minimizes weed growth. Mulch is also a great way to preserve moisture in the soil which is perfect for summertime. When adding mulch, make sure you’re 3 to 4 inches away from the base of the plant. Being too close can lead to pest infestations.


Adding fertilizers to your soil not only helps encourage the growth of existing plants, it also prevents pests and diseases from attacking your garden. You can never go wrong with providing enough nutrients to your plants. Therefore, do not hesitate to fertilize parts of your garden that are begging for some extra help.

Pest control

Lastly, this summer, don’t forget to get your trees inspected for pests or diseases. Majority of the times, such issues are only spotted by garden owners when the problem has gotten out of hand. Regular inspections will allow you to take care of any issue in a timely way. It is highly recommended in summer since this is the peak time for breeding of many insects and pests. Consult a local expert immediately to book an inspection meeting.

This summer, if you follow along with our 5 top tips, you will find your garden to be in its best state!

How to Plant and Prune your Clusia Tree- Clusia Miami

June 12, 2018

In this article, learn about clusia miami and How to Plant and Prune your Clusia Tree

How to Plant and Prune your Clusia Tree

Clusia can turn out to be one of the prettiest plants in your garden only if you plant and prune it properly. Clusia Miami is the perfect combination keeping in view the weather conditions required by the plant and offered by the area. Follow our expert advice to get the best out of your Clusia Miami garden.

Planting tips

Clusia requires a wide space below and above the ground. It had widespread roots as well as branches. Therefore, you must make sure that you leave enough space between plants to prevent over-crowding. It is advised that you dig out the soil from where you plan on planting the Clusia. You can mix the soil with compost and peat moss to encourage the fast growth of the plant. This step also helps loosen up the compacted soil so that the roots can spread easily. You should also gently loosen up the roots in the plants before placing it in the soil. Make sure the roots are entirely covered by soil once it’s planted. After the process of planting is complete, water the soil and add mulch. This can be anything such as shredded bark. Keep this mulch a couple of inches away from the base of the plant to prevent excess moisture which can cause decay.

How to prune

All plants require pruning, including Clusia Miami experts recommend regular pruning to encourage the healthier growth of the plant. This is the step where any dead or weak branches are cut off. This prevents loss of nutrients that were being wasted on unwanted branches. Pruning also helps the plant get in a better shape. The best advice to follow is to prevent over-pruning. When cutting around the edges of the plant, keep your tool at an angle and cut slightly above the leaf bud. This will encourage new growth in these spots and will eventually shape the plant perfectly. Make sure that the tools you use are sharp and new. It is best to get your plants pruned by a professional to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

General advice

Any new plant requires plenty of water to start growing. If the weather is hot, you should water frequently. We recommend up to 20cm watering every day. However, if it’s the usual Miami weather with the high humidity, you can cut down the supply. The best way to find out if you’re watering enough is to poke the soil around the plant. The first few inches on the soil in this area must be moist, otherwise, you need to start watering more often. Plants also appreciate a regular dose of fertilizers. It is best to use fertilizers during the season of growth. Fertilizers are advised to be used only once in every 3 years unless your plants are going through unexpected deficiencies. You can choose between granular, liquid, organic or synthetic fertilizers depending on the requirements of your garden.

Clusia is one of the best plant options in the climatic conditions of Miami. Add this beauty to your garden for a better landscape.

Tips for Planting a New Tree After Stump Removal

May 22, 2018

Read this article to learn about stump removal pinecrest and Tips for Planting a New Tree After Stump Removal

Tips for Planting a New Tree After Stump Removal

Maintaining a garden comes with the responsibility of caring for the plants. On some occasions, your trees might have to be cut or the weak ones might break down in storms. This leaves behind in stump in all cases. The stump is the lower part of the tree trunk that stays behind with the roots once the upper portion of the tree is cut off. It is highly recommended to get stump removal Pinecrest professionals to remove this remaining part to offer a clean slate for new trees.

When to get the stump removed

Stump removal Pinecrest is recommended as soon as you get the tree cut off. This is due to the long list of risks that come with an un-catered stump. Not only does it take up your garden space, it sucks up the soil nutrients, provides room for infestations and also makes your garden look uneven. Get your stump removal Pinecrest services regularly to have your garden open to new plantations.

Tips for planting new trees

After your stump is removed, there are a few things you should take care of before proceeding with planting new trees. Firstly, clean up the area thoroughly. In most cases, the stump is removed by grinding. This leaves behind sawdust and tiny wood chips. Since your new plant is going to need soil in its best form to grow strong, you must clean this dirt away. A mixture of such organic material with the soil will cause the breakdown of natural nutrients. It will also ruin the pH of the soil which is otherwise optimum for tree growth. It is best if you add new soil in areas where you plan on adding new seeds or baby plants.

Another issue with stump removal Pinecrest is that the stump itself is ground. This rids the garden of the apparent stump. However, there are underlying roots that need to be managed as well. The roots are taking up just as much space as they were with the tree overtop. This is why it is recommended to either wait a year before planting new trees or remove the roots along with the stump. This can be done by digging up the soil and mechanically removing the roots. Otherwise, you can wait for the roots to decompose naturally.

Lastly, you need to keep in mind the ratios and relative sizes. The general concept is to opt for new trees that are smaller than the stump that was removed. Keep in mind that the final tree size when it is fully grown might not be known for sure but the current size and expected growth rate for the upcoming few months should be compared. This must be smaller so that there is enough space for the new plantation to grow.

You can consult a professional specialist to get your landscape designed in a way that is most healthy for your plants. It will be pleasing to the eyes while being strong against the changing weather.

What You Need to Know about Land Clearing- Land Clearing Miami

April 26, 2018

In this article, learn What you need to know about land clearing and land clearing miami

What You Need to Know about Land Clearing

As sad as it is, trees and vegetation need to be removed from the ground to develop other infrastructure. The building of roads, installation of pipelines, construction of buildings, etc. requires land clearing Miami grounds. There are some basics that you must keep in mind when considering land clearing Miami because otherwise, you may breach your own safety.

Basic knowledge

Firstly, you must know the difference between clearing, grubbing, and scalping in the vegetation and tree industry. Clearing simply means to cut trees and remove bushes. On the other hand, grubbing is the removal of stumps or roots of trees that have already been cut off. Lastly, scalping is the process of removing any other vegetation or part of it that is preventing the soil to be exposed.


There are certain things to be considered before proceeding to the land clearing. Most importantly, you need to make sure you have the required permits if your local area doesn’t allow the removal of stumps. While most areas do allow land clearing, some only allow certified professionals to perform the task. Next, you must not forget to consider the factor of erosion. Without any vegetation or trees, slopes will experience erosion. This means nearby water bodies will get huge amounts of soil deposits as well as contamination. Talking of water bodies, you must think about any that are near your land. Keep in mind that vegetation plays a huge role in protecting nearby lands. Trees also keep the water bodies shaded, helping maintain an optimum water temperature for the marine life. You must consider all these factors before you proceed to remove all greenery from your land.


The exact cost of land clearing Miami grounds will differ based on certain factors. Of course, the size of the land, density of the vegetation, local permits, laws and regulations, etc. will all determine the cost. Other than simply removing vegetation, sometimes the land also has to be leveled, accessibility of the land varies, and the process of debris removal also counts. Generally, the three-step process of clearing, grubbing, and scalping will cost between $20-200 per acre for plain lands with little vegetation. However, this cost goes up to $500 to $2,000 per acre for lands that have a slope and overgrown trees. On grounds that have heavily wooded plantation, the cost varies from $3,000 to $6,000 per acre. The exact cost quotation can be received by consulting your local land clearing Miami service providers.

Hire a professional

Land clearing Miami services are very easily available. Instead of experimenting around and taking risks with something so huge, it is better to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Getting a professional service will not just ensure your safety, it will also make sure that the process is conducted in the right way. You’ll end up saving time as well as money.

If you are considering land clearing around the area of Miami, keep all these things in mind. These factors will not only help the ecosystem but will also make your process easier.

5 Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump- Stump Removal Kendall

April 17, 2018

In this article learn about stump removal kendall and 5 reasons to remove a tree stump

5 reasons to remove a tree stump

Getting trees removed from a garden is a pretty common process. However, surprisingly, people still make the a mistake in tree removal that can ruin their garden surface. Sometimes, people would cut off the tree but they wouldn’t bother with the stump. Stump removal Kendall services will ensure that this isn’t a problem when you get their professional service for the tree removal.

In case you have already had your tree removed but the stump is still part of the ground, you should consider getting a professional stump removal Kendall service for these 5 important reasons.

Stumps ruin the look of your garden

What seems like a couple of inches of trunk that wouldn’t bother anyone can actually make your garden look the total opposite of maintained even if the rest of your garden is top-notch. Even if the landscape overall is beautiful, stumps will divert all attention to them. Any and all effort you might have put into the rest of your garden will be wasted with stumps present in the area.

Gardening with stumps is a nightmare

Stumps will become a major hindrance in gardening. What you may not realize is that removing the top part of a tree isn’t enough. You must get rid of the base which includes the roots. The removal of the stump will ensure that the soil is ready to accept new plants. Otherwise, the stump will keep utilizing the nutrients of the soil, preventing new plants from growing healthily.

Stumps provide home to pests

If a tree stump isn’t removed manually, nature will have to find a way to get rid of it. This is done through decay. Decaying plants are never a good situation in a garden. There will be all kinds of insects and pests around the stump. Once pests find a way into your garden, they can very easily attack any plants in the nearby area. All your healthy trees will also become vulnerable to the attack. Even your home could be attacked by termite in such a case.

Ground for growth of unwanted trees

Stump isn’t merely a piece of trunk. Stumps still have roots that are sucking up the good nutrients from the soil. This could provide the required conditions for growth of new trees. This means unwanted plants that will cost money to be removed. Instead of having to spend on getting a whole tree removed that is ruining the entire landscape, get the stump removed promptly.

They can be hazardous

Very simply put, stumps are an obstacle on the surface. They are short and pretty much merge in the soil. People walking by may not be able to spot them. From people falling over to damage to the mowers, stumps can get very hazardous. Instead of causing such a liability, it is better to get the stump removed from the ground.

For all these reasons, it is highly important that you get stump removal Kendall services from a respectable professional company.

How to Care for Your Clusia This Spring

April 3, 2018

In this article, learn about wholesale clusia miami and how to care for your clusia this spring

How to Care for Your Clusia This Spring

As spring is approaching, the trees are blossoming and the plants are blooming. It is the time when your garden looks the prettiest. However, your garden could be a major disaster in springtime if you haven’t cared for your trees and plants the right way. Considering the high wholesale Clusia Miami opportunities, most gardens in the area have Clusia plants. Today we’ll help you learn some tips to take proper care of this Clusia plant so that your garden can look the best this spring season.

General tips

If your garden is missing out on the Clusia plant, the first thing you should do when spring is approaching is to head to a wholesale Clusia Miami seller and buy these plants. This is because we ensure you that this plant will make your garden look so much better in spring. If you already have Clusia planted, go around your garden and take a look. Consider any winter damage that could have attacked Clusia or another tree or plant in your garden space. Also, keep an eye out for bugs and infestations. Springtime is the perfect environment for breeding of such creatures. It is better if you get the issue sorted before the season fully arrives. However, make sure you don’t use insecticides or herbicides directly near the base of the plants. This would hinder the growth and can also damage the plant for a long period.

Special Clusia Care

When planting your purchase from the wholesale Clusia Miami market, make sure you do it in a place where the plant can receive decent amounts of sunlight. However, at the same time, since the Miami sun is a bit strong, you don’t want the plant to burn up under extreme sunlight. The placement of the plant will be very important in determining how well it grows. Along with the right exposure to sunlight, the right amount of water is also very vital. Miami can get very humid but at times, plants are left very dry under the scorching sun. This is what you need to determine on your own. Just keep regularly watering your garden. Generally, Clusia grows best in a rather drier soil. Although Clusia can pretty much survive dry, harsh winds, it is better to keep them well-hydrated for a healthy growth. Ensure that your plants’ soil isn’t saturated. But if the soil seems dry when you come back, shorten the watering time intervals.

Extra tips

Your wholesale Clusia Miami seller might not have told you this but Clusia is actually a slow growing plant. It is perfect for the area of Miami due to its strength against dry winds as well as humidity, and high salt levels. It is also not very likely to be attacked by insects or pests. The best tip to grow Clusia is to use a clay pot. Other than that, regularly prune the plants for their best shape throughout the growth. As for fertilizers, something mild every two weeks will do the job.

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