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How do I Remove a Tree Stump? Stump Removal Coral Gables

March 27, 2018

In this article, learn about stump removal coral gables and how to remove a tree stump

Trees die but like pretty much everything else in the world, they leave behind a trace. As emotional as it can be for some garden lovers, it is important to get rid of these stumps in order to have a clear garden. How to get stump removal, Coral Gables area specifically, and whether you really need professional help or not are some of the questions that arise in beginner level garden owners’ minds. Here’s a stump removal Coral Gables guide to help you through the process.

Is professional help needed?

Stump removal Coral Gables services can be easily found in every corner of the city. There is a reason why there are so many professional services available. Although tree stump removal doesn’t involve any rocket science, it is a dangerous and time-consuming process. While a professional will be able to complete the task within 2 or 3 hours, you could end up wasting the whole day and still not get the best results. Paying a pro is definitely worth every penny. You will save your energy, prevent yourself from any risk as well as get the job done the right way.

Tree stump removal does not have one procedure. There are multiple different methods that can be used. Each one has its own pros and cons. The method that must be used is to be decided according to the situation. As a rookie, you won’t be able to make the right decision. There are high chances that you’ll choose the wrong method and end up making the situation worse. To prevent such a mishap, it is better that you spend a few dollars to hire a professional. Save your garden instead of experimenting around.

Grinding or hand removal

Grinding is pretty self-explanatory. It involves the use of a grinding machine that crushes any leftover stump. The stump is grinded to a few inches below the ground level. The whole is then evened out by adding layers of soil on top. Any remains that may stay behind deep under the ground rot over time naturally. However, the land does become capable of providing growing ground for new plants or trees. If you want to perform the grinding on your own, the grinder can be rented. The issue is that you’ll end up spending more money on renting the machinery and hiring a vehicle to carry it to your home than you will pay a stump removal Coral Gables professional service.

The other method is the use of hand tools. It involves more manpower. This method is restricted to tree stumps that are 6 inches or smaller. It involves digging of the area around the stump. Around 15 to 20 inches of land around the stump is dug with the help of a shovel. An axe is used to cut off major chunks. The rest is pulled out, including the roots.

Tree stump removal is vital. Doing it on your own is way too risky, complicated, and expensive. Contact us today for stump removal in Coral Gables!

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