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How to Care for Your Clusia This Spring

April 3, 2018

In this article, learn about wholesale clusia miami and how to care for your clusia this spring

How to Care for Your Clusia This Spring

As spring is approaching, the trees are blossoming and the plants are blooming. It is the time when your garden looks the prettiest. However, your garden could be a major disaster in springtime if you haven’t cared for your trees and plants the right way. Considering the high wholesale Clusia Miami opportunities, most gardens in the area have Clusia plants. Today we’ll help you learn some tips to take proper care of this Clusia plant so that your garden can look the best this spring season.

General tips

If your garden is missing out on the Clusia plant, the first thing you should do when spring is approaching is to head to a wholesale Clusia Miami seller and buy these plants. This is because we ensure you that this plant will make your garden look so much better in spring. If you already have Clusia planted, go around your garden and take a look. Consider any winter damage that could have attacked Clusia or another tree or plant in your garden space. Also, keep an eye out for bugs and infestations. Springtime is the perfect environment for breeding of such creatures. It is better if you get the issue sorted before the season fully arrives. However, make sure you don’t use insecticides or herbicides directly near the base of the plants. This would hinder the growth and can also damage the plant for a long period.

Special Clusia Care

When planting your purchase from the wholesale Clusia Miami market, make sure you do it in a place where the plant can receive decent amounts of sunlight. However, at the same time, since the Miami sun is a bit strong, you don’t want the plant to burn up under extreme sunlight. The placement of the plant will be very important in determining how well it grows. Along with the right exposure to sunlight, the right amount of water is also very vital. Miami can get very humid but at times, plants are left very dry under the scorching sun. This is what you need to determine on your own. Just keep regularly watering your garden. Generally, Clusia grows best in a rather drier soil. Although Clusia can pretty much survive dry, harsh winds, it is better to keep them well-hydrated for a healthy growth. Ensure that your plants’ soil isn’t saturated. But if the soil seems dry when you come back, shorten the watering time intervals.

Extra tips

Your wholesale Clusia Miami seller might not have told you this but Clusia is actually a slow growing plant. It is perfect for the area of Miami due to its strength against dry winds as well as humidity, and high salt levels. It is also not very likely to be attacked by insects or pests. The best tip to grow Clusia is to use a clay pot. Other than that, regularly prune the plants for their best shape throughout the growth. As for fertilizers, something mild every two weeks will do the job.

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