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How to Care for your Clusia This Winter – Clusia Miami

December 26, 2018

In this article, learn about clusia miami and how to care for your clusia this winter.

How to Care for your Clusia This Winter – Clusia Miami

Winter time isn’t the brightest for your garden. The dry and chilly weather makes survival hard for all your indoor and outdoor plants and trees. However, there are certain plants that are particularly perfect for this time. Clusia in Miami winter is one of the best plants to keep. Here are a few tips on how to keep your plants, especially Clusia, in Miami winter.

Why Clusia is perfect for winters

Typically, plants require a lot of water to stay healthy. Miami’s humid atmosphere is loved. The bright sunlight keeps the green babies happy and basically, summer is the plants’ favorite time of the year. On the contrary, Clusia and Miami winters pair well. The dry air is appreciated by the plant. But, at the same time, they can survive humidity too. It doesn’t require too much sun. Eastern or western exposure for just a little while is enough.

Clusia plants grow the best in an average of 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. That is the roundabout temperature in Miami. However, the plant will be fine even if the weather gets chillier. These plants stay strong in as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit as well. Experts suggest that Clusia should be planted in clay pots. It is because the plant prefers drier soil. To ensure this, you must not water the plant too often. Make sure that the soil gets completely dry before you add water and when you do, let the moisture be even throughout the soil. Water just enough that a few drop of water start trickling down the soil. Don’t keep the soil flooded. They can also bear high salt intake which adds to the list of why they’re perfect for Miami.

If you prefer indoor plants, Clusia is the right option. These plants are small. You can easily prune them to keep them tamed. You’ll have to keep the plant safe from insect as Clusia is prone to diseases. You can fertilize the plant with a regular 15-15-15 fertilizer fortnightly. Other than that, a granular fertilizer during the growth season is fine.

Tips to keep plants safe

Clusia and all other plants and trees require some extra care in winter. To keep the harsh weather and chilly winds from killing your plants, it’s best that you take a few precautionary measures. If you’re keeping the plants outside, cover them with a protective screen. These covers won’t suffocate the plant but at the same time, they’ll keep the winds from crushing the tiny plant. Trees can be covered with special tree wrappings that are designed to protect the tree from cracking, splitting or catching fungus during the snow season. Some plants can be protected by shifting them inside the home. Since the insides have heating, the temperature and humidity levels are not ideal. Maintain 50% humidity, water the plants regularly, and keep them near a window for sunlight absorption.

Planting Clusia Miami during winters is a wise decision. Follow our advice to have a lush garden even during the dullest winter days!

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