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How to Know if Your Tree is About to Fall- Tree Removal Coral Gables

December 11, 2018

Read this article to learn about tree removal coral gables and How to know if your tree is about to fall 

How to Know if Your Tree is About to Fall – Tree Removal Coral Gables

The saddest day for a garden lover is when a plant or tree dies. You can put in all the love and effort possible but still, one day those trees will collapse and come to an end. You can make the best of the last few living days of your tree by figuring out if your tree is going to fall soon. Here are some signs that will help you identify the end of your precious plant.

Cavities and cracks

A tree with holes, cavities, and deep cracks will be falling down in just a few days. What happens is that branches that fall off naturally leave behind open spaces. These become breeding grounds for diseases which eat up the tree. You can still save your tree by treating the affected areas properly. Feel free to consult an arborist for this matter.

Weak branches

A tree that is growing weak is one that will die soon unless you try to save it. A very noticeable sign is fragile branches. If you’re seeing too many broken branches on the ground after the slightest winds blow, be ready for a dying tree. Trees usually shed off branches on their own. This means you can notice branches falling off even when the weather is calm. Self pruning is the tree’s way to extend its life. Getting rid of branches minimizes the tree’s needs, weight as well as size. However, without your help, the tree won’t be able to recover.

Rotting roots

Most plant issues start from the roots and that is where diseases can be easily spotted too. However, the challenge is that soil covers roots which makes it impossible for you to keep an eye on them. But, there are other signs that indicate issues with the roots. These include growth of mushrooms near the base of the tree, fungi on the lower trunk, growth of twigs near the surface, etc.

Unusual branch growth

The ideal distance between branches on a tree should be such that it creates a U shape. If you notice the U shrinking into a V, it’s a sign. This feature is hard to notice with dense leaves. However, it will be easier to spot during fall.

What to do if the threat is real

If you notice these signs, there is a high chance that your tree will fall in the near future. Trees are huge structure and considering that a natural fall can be on either side, it could cause a huge deal of damage. Not only is your own property potentially threatened, the nearby area can also be affected. If you want to keep yourself safe from getting sued for causing damage, it’s best to consult tree removal Coral Gables experts. These educated people will help you in tree removal. Coral Gables, luckily, is a place where finding professional help isn’t too hard. Contact your nearest tree removal Coral Gables service provider to get rid of a dangerous tree!

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