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How to know if your tree is sick

September 12, 2018

In this article, learn about arborist miami and how to know if your tree is sick

How to Know if Your Tree is Sick

It’s not wrong that plants are just as living as humans. Just because you don’t see a tree walking around or vocally complaining, that doesn’t mean your tree isn’t feeling anything. It is true that trees can fall sick too. If that is surprising to you, don’t worry. We’re here to educate you on how to recognize a sick tree and what to do next.

Symptoms of sickness

Although it is best if you hire professional services regularly to keep a check on the health of your trees, there still are some tips you can use to examine your garden on your own. Of course, the health of your tree won’t be the easiest to determine considering that trees have no way of responding to you except showing signs of sickness on their own bodies. This is why examining every part of a tree is important.

A sick tree’s trunk will not be healthy. It will have decaying and rotting parts. You will also notice that if there ever was the slightest damage on the trunk, it won’t be healed. A healthy tree can generate new layers on its trunk but a sick tree will fail to do so. Other than that, the branches and twigs of am unhealthy tree will start appearing saggy and droopy. They will fall of easier due to lack of strength. The branches will also appear bald since leaf production is highly affected by the health of the tree. An easy way to examine your tree is by breaking off a twig from your tree. Then, break this into two parts. If the inside of the twig looks bright green, your tree is healthy. However, dull green insides are a major red flag. Lastly, you should also examine the tree roots. Although roots are the least likely part of the tree to be damaged, they are still very important because the slightest root sickness can kill your tree. Roots won’t be easy to examine since they are buried under a lot of soil. What you can do is make sure that there are no stems growing from the base of the tree and the soil isn’t too compressed.

The only issue that remains is to ensure whether these signs are being shown due to the tree’s sickness or if there is another issue in your garden. In this matter, only a professional arborist can help you.

What to do

All arborist Miami city offers are experts in dealing with sick plants. If you notice any of the aforementioned red flags, contact a professional arborist. Miami is a place where the weather does not allow the slightest delay in the healthcare of plants. Therefore, without experimenting and risking the life of your trees, contact a professional. It will be a favor for your sick tree if you get an expert onto the matter without any unwanted delay whatsoever. Our arborist Miami services are not just quick but also convenient. Give us a call and we’ll be there to save your garden even in the worst conditions!

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