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How to Perform Tree Transplanting in Miami

October 3, 2017

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Tree transplanting is a better option than to cut them down entirely. We are already living in a world when the environment is at high risk. We need to improve and maintain the health of our environment. As trees are major elements of a friendly environment, we need to protect the existing ones and plant new ones as well.

However, there are certain situations when trees can become a hurdle. We live in the modern world and finding a balance between natural and man-made infrastructure has become a necessity. For example, consider Miami, Florida. Urban cities are developing with housing and industrial projects. This is how we come across the topic of tree transplanting Miami.

What is Tree Transplanting?

As is obvious from the name, tree transplanting is about moving a well-rooted or already established tree from its location. However, the actual process is quite not that as easy as understanding the concept. But as mentioned earlier, it can be necessary for certain situations and can be completed effectively if performed skillfully.

Reasons for Tree Transplanting

  • Here are reasons as to why people transplant trees:
  • Making home additions to improve design or enhance space
  • Sentimental value with trees when relocation is required
  • Trees that have outgrown their existing space and need a new location to maintain healthy condition

When is a Tree Transplanter Required in Miami?

If you live in Miami, Florida, you may need to call a tree transplanter if you come across the above-mentioned reasons. Tree transplanting is not an easy task, you want it to be completed without causing any damage to the trees the location itself or yourself. Therefore, it is always better to hire professional tree transplanting Miami services.

Process of Tree Transplanting Miami

In many regions, you can’t remove or transplant a tree without a permit from local relevant authorities. This has become a rule to protect that environment. For tree transplanting Miami, you will have to gain a permit before you continue with the process. A professional tree transplanting Miami service can help you with this step as well.

  • Hire  professional tree transplanting service near you
  • The service will help you get a tree transplanting Miami permit
  • After approval, the company will send an arborist  to assess the situation
  • A tree transplanter will then be starting the project based on the findings
  • The time of the year should be ideal for moving the specific tree
  • An ideal location must be found for relocating the tree
  • The soil around the tree will be watered
  • The lower branches will be wrapped or tied to protect them during the process of digging
  • The area of the zone to be pruned will be marked
  • A trench will be cut with a spade
  • Roots will be cut as the trench is dug deeper
  • After trenching all around the tree, the pruning has been completed
  • The tree will be watered and branches will be untied
  • The tree is then relocated to the new location where the hole is already dug up
  • The tree will then be replanted professionally
  • The professional will have the skills and training to ensure minimum damage and continued health of the tree.

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