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How to Plant and Prune your Clusia Tree- Clusia Miami

June 12, 2018

In this article, learn about clusia miami and How to Plant and Prune your Clusia Tree

How to Plant and Prune your Clusia Tree

Clusia can turn out to be one of the prettiest plants in your garden only if you plant and prune it properly. Clusia Miami is the perfect combination keeping in view the weather conditions required by the plant and offered by the area. Follow our expert advice to get the best out of your Clusia Miami garden.

Planting tips

Clusia requires a wide space below and above the ground. It had widespread roots as well as branches. Therefore, you must make sure that you leave enough space between plants to prevent over-crowding. It is advised that you dig out the soil from where you plan on planting the Clusia. You can mix the soil with compost and peat moss to encourage the fast growth of the plant. This step also helps loosen up the compacted soil so that the roots can spread easily. You should also gently loosen up the roots in the plants before placing it in the soil. Make sure the roots are entirely covered by soil once it’s planted. After the process of planting is complete, water the soil and add mulch. This can be anything such as shredded bark. Keep this mulch a couple of inches away from the base of the plant to prevent excess moisture which can cause decay.

How to prune

All plants require pruning, including Clusia Miami experts recommend regular pruning to encourage the healthier growth of the plant. This is the step where any dead or weak branches are cut off. This prevents loss of nutrients that were being wasted on unwanted branches. Pruning also helps the plant get in a better shape. The best advice to follow is to prevent over-pruning. When cutting around the edges of the plant, keep your tool at an angle and cut slightly above the leaf bud. This will encourage new growth in these spots and will eventually shape the plant perfectly. Make sure that the tools you use are sharp and new. It is best to get your plants pruned by a professional to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

General advice

Any new plant requires plenty of water to start growing. If the weather is hot, you should water frequently. We recommend up to 20cm watering every day. However, if it’s the usual Miami weather with the high humidity, you can cut down the supply. The best way to find out if you’re watering enough is to poke the soil around the plant. The first few inches on the soil in this area must be moist, otherwise, you need to start watering more often. Plants also appreciate a regular dose of fertilizers. It is best to use fertilizers during the season of growth. Fertilizers are advised to be used only once in every 3 years unless your plants are going through unexpected deficiencies. You can choose between granular, liquid, organic or synthetic fertilizers depending on the requirements of your garden.

Clusia is one of the best plant options in the climatic conditions of Miami. Add this beauty to your garden for a better landscape.

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