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How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

August 28, 2018

In this article learn about Tree trimming Pinecrest and How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

Trees look like big, strong creatures that no one can bring down. While it is true that trees are big and strong, you need to remember that it is, after all, only roots that are keeping them stuck to the ground. Garden lovers and plant enthusiasts will know very well that during the storm season, even the strongest of trees are in danger. Here are a few precautions you can take to make sure your trees stay put this storm season.

Strong roots, strong tree

As we all know, roots are the only support that trees have. Ultimately, roots are what keep trees connected to the ground. Stronger the roots, stronger the hold of the tree, and lesser the chance of it falling during a heavy storm. Strong roots are not anything impossible to achieve. All you must do is provide enough nutrients and water. Other precautionary measures included minimizing soil digging. Keep the soil firm in your garden. Stay away from excavation. At the same time, make sure there is a passage enough to let air get to your roots. You can opt for mulching to make sure the roots stay as strong as possible.

Trim trees

One solution that seems to rid garden owners of many troubles is tree trimming. Pinecrest luckily is one of the areas where you can avail our professional services. Tree trimming Pinecrest gardens is one of our specialties. If you wish to book an appointment, give us a call.

Tree trimming plays many roles. Firstly, it minimizes the pressure on the roots. For the same strength in the roots, there will be lesser weight of the tree to manage. This means stronger grip. Secondly, tree trimming will rid the tree of excess branches. Weak branches that have a risk of falling will be cut. This will also help utilize the minerals for stronger parts of the tree instead of wasting them on unwanted branches. A well trimmed tree also has a stronger trunk. You should not risk trimming your trees on your own. It is a major risk which is why it is best to hire a professional.

Look after the trunk

The trunk is the main body of the tree. The stronger a trunk, the healthier the branches and lower the chance of tree damage. Other than the regular healthy routine, you can provide extra protection for the trunk. Since Pinecrest is an area that expects a lot of storms, the smart thing to do is add burlap or row cover around the trunk area during the storm season. This will minimize the direct wind pressure as well as prevent debris from causing damage.

Trees that aren’t taken care of have a high chance of damaging property nearby. Before you’re held accountable for a neighbor’s damage or put your own home in danger, it’s better that you book a tree trimming Pinecrest service. Take care of your garden so that this storm season, you and everyone around you is safe!

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