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How To Save A Dying Tree – Arborist Miami

November 8, 2017

Read this article to find out how to save a dying tree and why you may need the help of an arborist in Miami

How To Save A Dying Tree

Maintaining a healthy garden takes up a lot of effort. Sometimes the smallest signs are needed to be observed to prevent your efforts from going to waste. A dying tree can sometimes be hard to notice but taking care of a tree in such a condition is extremely important. Follow this guide and get an arborist in Miami to fix the situation.

Symptoms of a dying tree

The simple falling of branches or dying leaves aren’t any signs that you will be shocked to see. However, you need to pay closer attention. There is a little difference between a sick tree that can be cured and a tree that is near its end. It’s better to get an arborist in Miami rather than taking a risk yourself.

The easiest way to do it is by conducting a minor test yourself. You can make use of the scratch test in case you feel like your tree is very old and could be potentially dying. You can do it with your fingertips or use a pocketknife. Simply scratch a tree twig to see if the inside is moist and green. If it is, the tree is good. A dying tree becomes dry and brown on the inside. To make sure your results are accurate, repeat it on a couple more twigs. If the twigs are anything near brittle, quickly get an arborist in Miami to quickly take care of your tree as it could bring your property a lot of damage if it gets too late.

Other signs to look for include mushrooms and fungi growing around the tree base. There will also be cracks and splits in the bark and branches of the tree. Other than that, the leaves will start to have weird shapes as well as the tree will start to have missing leaves spots too. If you spot even one of these signs, contact a professional arborist in Miami immediately.

How to help a dying tree

All you can do is help your tree. You cannot stop the death or elongate the life of your tree. Try and make it easier for your tree. Don’t bring more damage to the already weak state of the tree. Try not causing any damage while you’re in the yard. Any damage in this weak state will cause infections for the dying tree. Similarly, if your tree to the end, that doesn’t mean you should stop caring for it. Still regularly provide the basic needs. Do not let the roots be exposed as that can lead to lethal root infections. Keep up with the pruning like usual. Other than that, the most you can do is hire an arborist in Miami.

Why hire a professional Arborist

The truth is, a professional is much better at figuring out the true situation of the tree than you. An arborist can make your tree have a much better end life than you can do on your own. They’ll find a better solution so simple hire a professional and trust them with their work.

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