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How To Remove Trees When Land Clearing In Miami

July 20, 2016


When it comes to executing any type of renovation, you know you need a solid game plan as well as the proper tools to get it done safely and successfully. Such is the case with land clearing Miami properties, which requires lots of planning and precision. From beginning to end, removing trees is a lengthy process that should always be ironed out beforehand.

 Starting with the basics, there are two ways to remove trees: by hand or using machines. Read on to learn which way is best for your land, and for tips on clearing your property in a safe and efficient manner.

The general rule is as follows: if a piece of machinery does not fit within the land you are clearing, it is small enough to clear by hand. Otherwise, the quickest and most efficient manner to remove trees is by using the appropriate machinery. While clearing land by hand does save you money, using machines saves you time and effort, which is why we advise you to go the latter route.

There are three types of machines used for land clearing Miami properties: bulldozer, excavator and track loader. Of the three, it’s likely easiest to find a bulldozer for rent in your area. An excavator can get high leverage, but is slower than the track loader, which is actually the most efficient method. The truck loader can also achieve high leverage.

Choosing the proper machine and safely following instructions for use isn’t the only important aspect of land clearing Miami. Even once you’ve done a thorough job of actually clearing the land, the whole process involves substantial follow through. To begin with, you must get rid of the brush, limbs and other scraps you’ve taken down. It also takes consistent effort, often on an annual basis, to keep brush and weeds from destroying your land.

When you need to remove trees for land clearing Miami properties, call in the pros. We can help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

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