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Land Clearing in Miami

February 4, 2014

land clearing bush hog_miami

Congrats, you just bought a huge piece of land. The only problem? The grass is about seven feet tall.

Most people, when stuck in this kind of predicament, usually tend to think that the best thing to do would be to hire someone to mow the lawn. Unfortunately, when your property is overgrown it needs more than lawn mowing. It needs land clearing.

Land clearing is usually done with a heavy-duty bush hog, as seen in this “land clearing with a bush hog” video. Notice how the bush hog easily clears the land jus by driving through.

In Miami-Dade you can easily acquire large amounts of fines for having an overgrown lot. Miami lawn maintenance company B&G Property Maintenance offers affordable land clearing services within Miami-Dade and Broward. Our land clearing service is top-notch, and our operators are true professionals.

Call B&G Property Maintenance today at 305-370-8176 for a free estimate for your land clearing needs in Miami.

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