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8 Things to Consider When Land Clearing Miami

February 23, 2016

land clearing miami

Maybe you’re tired of looking at a messy landscape, or maybe you’re trying to get a head start on your spring cleaning. Regardless of why you’re interested in land clearing, Miami residents should be aware of the numerous factors that go into the job. From the physical labor to the laws behind land clearing, here are 8 things to consider before you get to work.

  1. Are you up for the challenge? Land clearing Miami landscapes will take a lot of hard work, so if you’re doing it on your own, be sure you can handle the manual labor.
  2. That being said, make a decision: can you take this project on or should you hire a trusted professional? When in doubt, call in the pros!
  3. When hiring a company, make sure they are properly licensed and insured (like us!).
  4. Abide by the law. Different states, cities and counties have varying regulations regarding the environment, and such is the case with land clearing Miami properties. Your professional crew should be aware of the rules for tree removal and more in your area.
  5. Stump removal typically involves the use of heavy machinery, which should only be operated by professionals.
  6. Tree removal is an integral part of land clearing, so be aware that you can sell these trees to a timber company. Not only will this help you dispose of the trees, but it’ll also land you some extra cash.
  7. Land clearing Miami properties can cause topsoil erosion, since vegetation is being removed. Different methods of protection can and should be applied to the land after clearing.
  8. Carefully distinguish the area that you want cleared so your crew of professionals does not demolish any landscape you’d prefer untouched.


Taking care of each of these steps will ensure a safe and effective land clearing of your Miami property. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry—we can help! Call us and we’ll be happy to take care of all your land clearing Miami needs.

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