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Best Practices for Maintaining Your Miami Clusia Hedge

May 1, 2017

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The Clusia plant is native to tropical America. You have probably seen the lush green hedge growing everywhere from houses to outside shops and offices. Many people try to grow their own Clusia hedge but it does not flourish as they may want.

At first, you need to buy the Clusia hedge in order to plant it. The plant must come in good condition so that you have a good start with the plantation process. B&G sell wholesale Clusia Miami that you can easily plant and expect to flourish into a solid hedge wall.

In the following write-up, we have provided a few tips on planting and trimming your very own Clusia hedge:

Planting the Clusia Hedge

  • Make a large trench or dig big holes at the area you want the Clusia planted
  • Make sure that the trench and holes are big enough to fit the Clusia hedge comfortably
  • Take the pot of the Clusia hedge off the root ball
  • Place each hedge in separate holes or the trench
  • Once you have placed the Clusia in the holes or trench, cover with dirt or optionally with top soil
  • Clusia hedge is quite salt tolerant and can grow with its own soil
  • Clusia plants can easily grow in sandy areas. In fact, they love the sand
  • After the dirt, make sure to the water the hedge for at least 15 minutes
  • For the next two weeks, you should water the plant for at least 30 minutes each day
  • You need to continue daily watering until the plant has established itself
  • At one point, your planted Clusia hedge will have become stable and taken root. You can now trim it
  • Trim the hedge depending on the height your desire
  • Trimming is necessary to keep the Clusia hedge full from top to bottom
  • You can trim hedge through two methods
  • The tips of the hedge can become overgrown. You can pick these tips by hand. This is quite a time-consuming process
  • A better way is to use a chainsaw to trim to the hedge
  • Clusia hedges respond well to the trimming. They will eventually start to form a solid square wall

Trimming the Clusia Hedge

At B&G Property and Maintenance, you can buy wholesale Clusia Miami hedge. The company is based in Miami, Florida and deals as a tree and plant nursery. They have been growing beautiful Clusia plants on their location that you can peruse to find the one you admire. The plant experts at B&G will also provide clients with suitable information on planting and maintaining their very own Clusia hedge.

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