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How to Maintain Your Miami Clusia Hedge

August 31, 2016

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Bright green hedges are a staple of beautiful Miami homes and properties. The vibrant color shines under the ample sunlight, and even looks crisp during those impromptu South Florida rainstorms. But what happens when your clusia hedges start to wilt? Follow our guide to maintaining clusia hedges in Miami to keep your yard looking rich and alive.

For planting:

  • Dig a big enough hole that the entire plant pot fits
  • Remove the clusias pot off the root ball
  • Nestle the plant into the hole and fill with dirt or topsoil (note: the clusia can be planted with its own soil, and also thrives in sandy areas)
  • Add water for 15 minutes
  • Water your clusia Miami hedges for 30 minutes every day for at least 2 weeks


For trimming:

  • Only trim after the clusia hedge is rooted and stable
  • Use a chainsaw for efficiency, or pick the overgrown tips
  • Do it consistently, as trimming keeps the hedge full and helps it turn into a solid square


Follow these simple steps to growing healthy and beautiful clusia Miami hedges that will thrive. We can help you maintain the lush look of your hedges–call us today!

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