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3 ways B&G Reuses the Leftovers of Miami Tree Removals

September 20, 2016

After removing trees, B&G Property Maintenance makes sure to use the Miami tree removals for good.

Our team is dedicated to giving you the property maintenance service you deserve, and that extends far beyond the initial job. For us, Miami tree removal doesn’t end when we rid the tree from your property; in fact, the fun is just beginning. Instead of dumping the scraps, we get creative with the remains.

Read on to learn about three ways we reuse Miami tree removal leftovers, and how our community and clients are benefitting.

Create compost

We make compost from all the green trash (also known as foliage) by chopping up the waste in our chipper. We offer the compost to our neighbors and customers so they can use it to help their home gardens thrive. We also use the compost to grow our clusias, which are sold in our plant nursery.

Check out how we chop up the green trash in this video:

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Give back

No wood goes to waste, either. We also slice up the leftovers to use as firewood. We sell the firewood, and also donate it to our local Girl Scouts. Local artists also reap the benefits of tree removal Miami, as they come to our farm to collect free wood to use in their artwork.

Make art

And on that creative note, B&G owner Benny also gets to work. Using a wood lathe, he creates wood cutting boards and other wood art with the tree removal Miami scraps. He gifts his art to his clients.

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