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5 Things to Know About Planting Trees

December 15, 2015

planting trees

Fact: no one likes a pesky power outage. Flickers and outages are inconvenient and downright and annoying. But they don’t only happen because of storms. Another fact: tree limbs, and especially palm fronds, can be the cause of such outages.

Luckily, we can take preventative measures when planting trees to avoid and lessen tree limb interference and, thus, reduce flickers and outages.

How? Well, if you’re looking to add to your landscape, there are a few things you should know about planting trees. Follow these 5 important facts about planting trees and your new additions will look spectacular!


  1. Choose wisely. When you’re researching trees, make sure you are aware of what its growth will be at maturity. Ensure that the width, height, and depth won’t affect nearby power lines.
  2. Another research tip: determine if, at maturity, the tree’s canopy will reach any overhead lines.
  3. Power lines don’t only exist above us! There are underground utility lines you need to be aware of before taking that shovel into the ground and planting trees.
  4. Tall trees that grow near power lines will have to be pruned or even removed. To avoid potentially having to remove a tree from your property, follow rules #1 and #2 for planting trees.
  5. Safety first. Always hire professionals when possible. If you’re doing your own work, ensure you stay at least 10 feet away from power lines.


Planting trees takes a lot of planning. Always do your research and work with professionals like us to guarantee a job well done (and safely, too!).

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