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Why Planting Trees in Miami is Important

December 8, 2015

planting trees

Think about your favorite street or neighborhood in Miami. Maybe you even have a favorite house. Odds are, your favorite area probably gets some of its beauty from the foliage and landscape. But the surrounding trees and flowers aren’t just for decoration. We take them for granted, but trees are actually very important to our community. In fact, trees in Miami have a direct effect on your wallet.

That’s right; trees in Miami can actually help you save money. Here’s how.

Trees affect the value of your home. Having trees as part of your property’s landscape can increase the worth of your house by up to 15 percent. Why? Of course, trees add to the home’s aesthetic and beauty. They also help keep neighborhoods quiet by acting as buffers for sound. Finally, trees keep the community cooler. That leads us to another way planting trees in Miami benefits your budget.

The sweltering Miami heat causes us to crank our air conditioners almost year-round, but properly placed trees can contribute coolness, too. Trees provide our homes and neighborhoods with shade, which can reduce cooling costs between 15 and 30 percent. We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t appreciate cutting their AC bills!

Speaking of crisp air, here’s an interesting fact. Every year, trees in Miami-Dade remove 5,425 tons of carbon from the air. This drastically improves the quality of the air our families breathe. Trees also make soil more absorbent, reducing storm water runoff. This is especially important due to Miami’s rainy weather.

Planting trees in Miami is essential to our quality of living. Let’s plant more trees to beautify our city and reap the budgetary benefits of a lush landscape

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