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How to Repurpose Your Christmas Tree

December 22, 2015

repurpose your christmas tree

Your Christmas tree is the focal point of your home during the holidays. The nostalgic scent, the bright lights, and the dazzling ornaments all contribute to the Yuletide cheer. But after the 25th, the excitement starts to fizzle, and by the New Year you’re ready to get rid of your Christmas fir.

This year, instead of tossing it, why not repurpose your Christmas tree? There are lots of ways to utilize the branches, needles, and even the trunk. Read on for creative ways to repurpose your Christmas tree—and enhance the look of your home while you’re at it!


  • Your old tree is the new birdhouse: simply hang bird feeders from the branches and watch your feathered friends enjoy.
  • Amp up your landscape design when you repurpose your Christmas tree trunk by cutting it into discs and using the chunks to line pathways or surround flowerbeds.
  • Cut those discs even thinner, cover them with a coat of polyurethane, and voilà—you’ve got DIY coasters!
  • Pro tip: moisture-free pine needles decompose slowly, so they can double as mulch.
  • Christmas tree branches are perfect for outdoor fire pits; just make sure not to light these branches indoors.
  • Use small branches and twigs in other plants in your home, especially to support shaky potted plants.

Easy and efficient, recycling your tree at home is easy. How will you repurpose your Christmas tree?

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