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Should You Plant a Tree Where Another Tree Was?

June 26, 2018

In this article, learn about tree removal miami and if you should plant a tree where another tree was

Should You Plant a Tree Where Another Tree Was? Tree Removal Miami

Planting a tree is a great contribution towards the nature particularly in today’s time when the world is fighting with dire pollution issues. It will not only make the place look better but will also give you a fresh air to breathe in. However, when it comes to planting at a site where a tree was already planted, there are many things that you have to keep in your mind. Before that, there is a question that needs to be answered.

Can you replant a tree in the same spot?

There are two answers to this question. Yes, you can grow a replant a tree at the same spot. The second answer to the question is a no. We have enlisted the reasons why and they are as follows:

It the former tree had a disease and it was removed, it can still leave some pathogen in the soil which is harmful to the tree. So make sure that if you are planting a new tree in the same spot, plant the one which can fight that problem.

There are many essential nutrients in the soil which are needed by every plant while growing. So if the old tree has stripped off, then it would have stripped off those nutrients as well. This will make it harder for the other plant to grow up.

If the tree was chopped off, then the sawdust that was left behind can mix with the soil. This is one of the factors why the soil gets unfertile or faces some kind of imbalance due to which you cannot plant any other tree in the same spot.

If the tree was not properly taken off then there are chances that the roots of the old plant are still present in the soil. This will make things hard for the new plant as it will not have much room for its roots to grow.

These are the factors why it is said not to plant a tree at the older spot. However, if you are still willing to grow a plant at the same spot, these are the things that you must look out for:

Make sure that you are aware of the health of the old tree. If the tree was infected, make sure that you mark the spot and pant the tree that can fight with the cause.

Give it some time. Within a small passage of time, the roots of the older tree will decompose and you can then plant a new tree at the same spot

You can do some practical work by clearing out the sawdust from the hole and clear out all the roots of the old tree. Make sure that the plant gets a fresh and fertile soil.

If you are still willing to plant a tree in the same spot, then we would recommend you to hire professional services for Tree Removal Miami. They will check the whole site and will suggest you the best opinion.

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