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Signs your Tree Needs to be Trimmed- Tree Trimming Kendall

October 9, 2018

In this article, learn Signs your tree needs to be trimmed and about tree trimming kendall

Signs your tree needs to be trimmed

Did you know that one of the most common garden care routine is tree trimming? Kendall citizens need to pay attention to their gardens in order to have lush green heavenly gardens. If you think your trees don’t need tree trimming Kendall services, the following points might change your mind.

Branches breaking off or too thick

Unhealthy trees start producing weak branches that break off very easily. Tree trimming helps boost healthy growth of branches. On the other hand, if your tree has branches that are too thick, that isn’t a good sign either. Not only will these branches block sunlight from reaching the inner parts if the tree, they will also exert unwanted pressure on the roots. Trimming these branches off is the best option.

Uneven tree shape

Every garden owner’s dream is to have a lush garden with very neat plants. This neat and unified look comes from trimmed trees. Tree trimming allows you to have control on the shape of the tree. If your garden looks like it is all over the place, definitely consider a tree trimming session.  Uneven trees, other than being a painful sight, are also unhealthy. The weight distribution isn’t evenly spread out which increases the chance of the tree to be droopy instead of standing upright.

Stagnant growth

This may sound stupid but it’s true that cutting off unwanted parts of the tree will encourage healthier growth. If you notice that most of your branches have tiny leaves that fail to reach their maximum size, there is a possibility that it is being caused due to excessive stress on the tree. The unwanted parts of the tree will soak up majority of the nutrients, leaving behind too little to encourage new parts of the tree to grow. Trimming these unwanted parts will definitely boost the growth of healthier tree  branches.

Dead parts or fungus

Mostly, huge trees start getting fungus or other infestations in the lower parts, specially on the trunk. The common reason behind this issue is that sunlight fails to reach these areas. If the tree top is too dense, sometimes air won’t have a clear passage to get to the inner trunk either. Both these issues can be eliminated by cutting off weak branches and leaves. These parts of the plant have a chance of falling off on their own but that will leave your tree looking uneven. The weaker parts may even pose damage during the storm season. Before these issues arise, you should trim the trees that need help. Another sign that helps identify this issue is a cracking bark. You’ll notice either a lot of cracks or just a few deeps ones. They both are signs to be cautious of.

If your tree is displaying any of these issues, make sure you get tree trimming Kendall services or else, you could harm your trees. Tree pruning is a healthy method of encouraging tree growth and strength. Hire a professional for the best results and maximum security.

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