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3 Creative Ways to use Your Stump if Avoiding Stump Removal Coral Gables

September 6, 2016


3 Creative Ways to use Your Stump if Avoiding Stump Removal Coral Gables

If you’re a glass half full kind of person, you look at that stump in your yard as an opportunity, not an eyesore. Stump removal Coral Gables can be a lengthy process, so we propose a DIY project instead. Repurposing your stump is a fun way to avoid tedious removal while adding some personality to your property. Not sure where to start? Just try one of these beautiful stump projects!


Give it life

Instead of representing a dead tree, your stump can be the perfect place for life to bloom. Turn your tree stump into a flowerpot! Either place a pot on top of the stump, or use the stump itself as an actual planter.

It only takes a few easy steps: chip a hole into the top center of the stump, then drill draining slopes on the sides (diagonal towards the ground). Using gravel, compost and potting soil, plant your flowers in the stump. Not only will this add a bushel of beautiful decor to your yard, but the soil and flowers also increase the rate of decomposition, so you can be rid of the stump sooner–without the painful stump removal Coral Gables process.


Furnish your yard

Maybe that stump is there to encourage you to enjoy the great outdoors. Your stump can become a unique piece of furniture with just a few materials. Dine under the stars when you turn your stump into a rustic al fresco dining table! Slice the stump level at about 28 inches tall. Then top it with this amazing DIY concrete tabletop.


You can also create some extra seating in your garden by affixing an old chair to the stump. A nice outdoor spot to admire your garden and enjoy a glass of lemonade? That definitely beats the time-consuming stump removal Coral Gables process!


Have fun

If you’re constantly trying to get your kids to put the phone down and get outside, this idea is for you. Turn your stump into a homemade tic tac toe board. Simply paint the grid onto the top of the stump, and use different colored rocks or stones as the pieces. Extra points for getting creative with those designs!

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