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August 20, 2019

Is It Better To Remove Or Grind A Tree Stump? Stump Removal Kendall

In this article, learn about stump removal kendall

Stump Removal Kendall: Is It Better To Remove Or Grind A Tree Stump?

Living in Kendall, diseased, damaged, or encroaching trees are the main reasons why they are cut down from any premises. Now, tree removal is itself a long process, and it is done piece by piece. After removing the tree, it is time for stump removal.

Many questions arise regarding stump removal. Should you leave it on the ground, grind it, or opt or stump removal.

Reasons behind Stump Removal

Some people have a hard time deciding whether they should leave the tree stump in the yard or take it out for good. It is bad? Initially, an old tree stump might not bother you. But as time passes, you would see that it can lead to few, but annoying issues. First, they cause problems while mowing your lawn. Secondly, it could be a hazard if you have children. They could trip and fall while running in the yard. Also, it could lead to issues when you plant a new tree.

Termites in your tree

Apart from these issues, there is the problem of termites. When the stump gets separated from the tree, it remains there for a long time. Stumps have a very slow decaying process so, that also makes it essential for stump removal in Kendall. Over time, a rotting stump also becomes home to carpenter ants, termites, and other home damaging pests. These insects could spread to other plants and trees in your garden and yard. 

Stump removal and grinding it down are the best ways to avoid the series of these problems. 

Which is better – Stump Grinding or Stump Removal?

With stump grinding and stump removal in Kendall, there are pros and drawbacks of each. But which option you should go for, that greatly depends on your landscaping plans.

What is stump removal?

Let’s talk about stump grinding first. In stump grinding, an arborist uses a machine to shred the stump into small woodchips. Grinding might seem like a more efficient option, but it leaves the roots behind It removes all the visible remains of the tree which are on the ground, but it does not address old tree roots that are branched out deep in the ground. So much so, that sometimes they are 4, 8, or 12 beyond the place of the stump. 

The roots decay naturally, but it is a long and lengthy process that could even take a decade or more to fully break down.

What is stump grinding?

As far as the stump removal process in Kendall is concerned, it is a lot more intrusive compared to grinding. The methods used in stump removal in Kendall involve heaving up the tree stump and digging out all of its roots, which are spread under the ground. It takes a lot of time, manpower, and heavy tools to do it right. After the removal process, you will have a big hole in your yard/garden which you fill up with dirt, and you have a clean slate to start anew. The best thing after stump removal is that you have a neat area for plantation or anything else that you might want to do.

For professional stump removal in Kendall, contact an arborist.

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