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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Perform Stump Removal Kendall Yourself

May 10, 2017

If you have a huge yard space around your property, you may be quite familiar will stumps. Trees can come down due to multiple reasons and often leave behind a stump.

Now, stumps are not easy to remove but they are quite unappealing. Therefore, many people are inclined to remove them as soon as possible. They can easily disrupt the aesthetic of your well-maintained yard, take up unnecessary space and pose an injury threat as well.

Some people will attempt to remove the stumps themselves by using DIY stump removal Kendall methods. Many people find professional stump removal Kendall services expensive so are inclined to use DIY methods.

However, not only it is difficult to remove stumps on your own but can be dangerous as well. There are heavy cutting tools and chemicals involved in these DIY methods that can pose a danger.

Here are 3 reasons should avoid performing stump removal Kendall by yourself:

Heavy and Technical Equipment

In order to remove the stump completely, even DIY methods involve the use of heavy machinery like axe or chainsaw. Not all of us can handle such equipment with ease. It is important to have the skill and experience to use heavy tools. Otherwise, we can end up hurting ourselves or someone else.

Car Damage

Many DIY methods use the pulling power of a car. They will require you to attach a rope to your car and loop it around a weakened stump. It seems like a smart and effective way to finish the job but does not come without risks. If you don’t have the right skills and experience, you can miscalculate the force to apply when pulling the stump. You may end up pulling the stump into your windshield. This may not only cost you a windshield replacement but can turn into an accident causing injury to you. On the other hand, the rope can rip apart or the stump can come out at the wrong angle. The rope and stump can end up harming someone in the vicinity or cause damage to your surrounding property.

Lack of Knowledge

For stump removal, you don’t only need the knowledge to handle heavy machinery or tools. There are many other aspects involved in taking permission from the local council. Other things can include the handling of the surrounding electrical wires or gas connections, what chemicals can weaken the stump, what kind of calculations you need to apply for digging around the stump etc. such knowledge only comes from professionals who have been in this business for years.

In order to avoid undue damage to yourself or your property, it is highly suggested to hire professional services. Not all services are expensive and spending a little money is worth saving yourself from trouble.

B&G Trees have been handling stump removal Kendall for years. Our experts have the right skills and knowledge to effectively remove stumps from your yards. The stump removal service at B&G Trees is also comparatively cheaper.

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