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Tips for Planting a New Tree After Stump Removal

May 22, 2018

Read this article to learn about stump removal pinecrest and Tips for Planting a New Tree After Stump Removal

Tips for Planting a New Tree After Stump Removal

Maintaining a garden comes with the responsibility of caring for the plants. On some occasions, your trees might have to be cut or the weak ones might break down in storms. This leaves behind in stump in all cases. The stump is the lower part of the tree trunk that stays behind with the roots once the upper portion of the tree is cut off. It is highly recommended to get stump removal Pinecrest professionals to remove this remaining part to offer a clean slate for new trees.

When to get the stump removed

Stump removal Pinecrest is recommended as soon as you get the tree cut off. This is due to the long list of risks that come with an un-catered stump. Not only does it take up your garden space, it sucks up the soil nutrients, provides room for infestations and also makes your garden look uneven. Get your stump removal Pinecrest services regularly to have your garden open to new plantations.

Tips for planting new trees

After your stump is removed, there are a few things you should take care of before proceeding with planting new trees. Firstly, clean up the area thoroughly. In most cases, the stump is removed by grinding. This leaves behind sawdust and tiny wood chips. Since your new plant is going to need soil in its best form to grow strong, you must clean this dirt away. A mixture of such organic material with the soil will cause the breakdown of natural nutrients. It will also ruin the pH of the soil which is otherwise optimum for tree growth. It is best if you add new soil in areas where you plan on adding new seeds or baby plants.

Another issue with stump removal Pinecrest is that the stump itself is ground. This rids the garden of the apparent stump. However, there are underlying roots that need to be managed as well. The roots are taking up just as much space as they were with the tree overtop. This is why it is recommended to either wait a year before planting new trees or remove the roots along with the stump. This can be done by digging up the soil and mechanically removing the roots. Otherwise, you can wait for the roots to decompose naturally.

Lastly, you need to keep in mind the ratios and relative sizes. The general concept is to opt for new trees that are smaller than the stump that was removed. Keep in mind that the final tree size when it is fully grown might not be known for sure but the current size and expected growth rate for the upcoming few months should be compared. This must be smaller so that there is enough space for the new plantation to grow.

You can consult a professional specialist to get your landscape designed in a way that is most healthy for your plants. It will be pleasing to the eyes while being strong against the changing weather.

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