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Top 3 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

July 31, 2018

In this article, learn about stump removal coral gables and the Top 3 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

Top 3 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

Trees make up the majority of any garden. They shape the landscape into something neat or could completely ruin your efforts. The process of this grooming involves tree trimming as well as cutting. The removal of a tree leaves behind stumps. Our arborist services offer special stump removal. Coral Gables is among the places where we offer our professional service. If you are confused as to why you need to hire us for stump removal Coral Gables, then keep reading to find some reasons!

Occupy space

Stumps may seem like just a piece of trunk laying low on the ground. However, they are occupying space that could have been utilized by another healthy and wanted plant. Even if you don’t want to add another plant in this area, you can add garden decorations or use the space in a better way. Get stump removal Coral Gables services today to get rid of unwanted stumps!

Growth of new trees is also possible on an existing stump. This will happen naturally even if you don’t provide extra nutrition or care. Other than the space taken up in the yard, the new growing trees will also occupy vertical space, disturbing the rest of the plants. Unwanted trees will block sunlight and suck up nutrients from the soil. This will cause a lack of growth in other smaller plants that you actually want to grow.

Hazard and inconvenience

Tree stumps are a bit higher above the ground level. However, if someone isn’t paying attention, the stump may not be easily visible between the grass. This is a major threat to not just kids, but also adults. It can cause kids to trip over. Your guests might fall and hurt themselves. In this case, these stumps could become a liability! Not only that, the stumps can hurt a car too if the stump is close to the driveway. Other than that, you’ll have a hard time mowing your lawn. The mower will get stuck as the stump will be acting like an obstacle. The process of mowing will become hard as well as time consuming. Along with all these issues, stumps will also be causing damage to your equipment. The mower could break and damage. Instead of waiting for a mishap to happen, take an intelligent step right now! Get the tree stumps removed to prevent yourself from all these hazards and inconveniences.

Don’t look pleasing to the eye

One major reason to get tree stumps removed is that they ruin the look of your garden. If you want a neat and aesthetic garden, stumps are your enemy! Little bumps here and there will make the yard look uneven. The grass won’t be even and the unified look of plants will be hard to achieve. On top of that, stumps will also provide a home for insect infestations.

These are some of the many reasons why stump removal is important in Coral Gables. Contact us to help you get rid of unwanted stumps.

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