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Top 5 Summer Tree Care Tips

June 19, 2018

In this article, learn about tree trimming Miami and Top 5 Summer Tree Care Tips

Top 5 Summer Tree Care Tips

From pest infestation preventions to planting trees to tree trimming, Miami is a place where garden owners must cater to the needs of plants to ensure a healthy garden. This calls for seasonal care tips that vary from one season to another. Here the top 5 tree care habits to adopt this summer.


It is summer. Miami gets all the bright sun that is possible. This comes with dehydrated throats and plants. The number one advice we have for you is to water your plants regularly. Do not dehydrate them but also don’t over water. We recommend watering in small amounts but frequently instead of flooding your garden once a while. You can come up with a regular routine of watering plants once in the morning and once in the evening. This will be especially helpful to boost the growth of new plants. A tip to check if your soil is wet enough is to poke it. If the top 3 inches are soft and moist, you’re good to go.


Pruning is a tree trimming Miami process that removes weak or unwanted parts of a plant. Pruning is a necessary step in every season. Pruning during the summers will also make your garden storm-proof. Since pruning gets rid of all weak branches, there will be minimal chance of damage when a thunderstorm strikes. Other than that, pruning enhances the physical look of trees by making them neat around the edges. You can consult with a tree trimming Miami expert to get this step done.


Mulching is usually carried out during the spring season. However, if you forgot to do it then, now is high time to fix your mistake. Mulching is the process of adding shredded wood around new plants for various reasons. Mulch protects small plants from extreme temperatures. It also minimizes weed growth. Mulch is also a great way to preserve moisture in the soil which is perfect for summertime. When adding mulch, make sure you’re 3 to 4 inches away from the base of the plant. Being too close can lead to pest infestations.


Adding fertilizers to your soil not only helps encourage the growth of existing plants, it also prevents pests and diseases from attacking your garden. You can never go wrong with providing enough nutrients to your plants. Therefore, do not hesitate to fertilize parts of your garden that are begging for some extra help.

Pest control

Lastly, this summer, don’t forget to get your trees inspected for pests or diseases. Majority of the times, such issues are only spotted by garden owners when the problem has gotten out of hand. Regular inspections will allow you to take care of any issue in a timely way. It is highly recommended in summer since this is the peak time for breeding of many insects and pests. Consult a local expert immediately to book an inspection meeting.

This summer, if you follow along with our 5 top tips, you will find your garden to be in its best state!

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