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How to Request a Permit for a Tree Removal in Coral Gables

August 23, 2016


Whether you’re a Miami native or new to the Magic City, it’s likely you’ve been taken by the beauty of Coral Gables. The lush trees and overlapping canopies don’t only provide shade from the city’s scorching heat, but they also look picturesque. For those reasons, along with many others, tree removal Coral Gables requires a permit.

The City of Coral Gables’ application requires you to disclose why you want to remove the tree–and it better be a good reason. Applicants must take any and all steps necessary to avoid tree removal on Coral Gables properties and preserve existing trees. To obtain a permit, you must provide:


  • A copy of the survey or site plan showing location, size and type of tree to be removed
  • The reason for removal or relocation
  • A copy of a plan showing location, size and type of new trees being planted at the property as applicable
  • A fee of $35.00 for the first tree and $10.00 for each additional tree


If the cause for tree removal is construction, preliminary approval must still be obtained. In this case, the city still asks landowners to use existing trees in their construction projects to avoid removal. You must provide:


  • A copy of the site plan showing proposed construction
  • Tree survey showing type and size of all trees on the property with 9″ or greater circumference
  • A copy of the landscaping plan which shows the re-landscaping of the property after construction
  • Pay $35.00 for the first tree and $10.00 for each additional tree


The following trees require a permit but are not assessed a fee:

  • Melaleuca quinquenervia (Papertree)
  • Casuarina spp. (Austrailine Pine)
  • Schinus terebinthifolius (Brazilian Pepper, Florida Holly)
  • Ricinus cummunis (Castorbean)
  • Trees that are no longer viable
  • Trees that are required to be removed by law


After the application is submitted, tree inspectors from the Public Service Department (Tree Preservation Agency) will visit your property to review the tree removal Coral Gables application. If a tree is removed before a permit is approved, landowners could face a double fee and fine of $100.00.You can find more info and the application here.

Landowners can appeal the decision made by the city should their application be denied. But instead of jumping through hoops, let us do all the work. B&G Property Maintenance is happy to complete the application process for you for an administrative fee.


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