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How to Request a Permit for a Tree Removal in Pinecrest

August 16, 2016

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Looking to eliminate a tree from your property? Not so fast. Before you hire a team or get those tools out, you must get a permit from the Village of Pinecrest. Read on to find out how to get one, as well as why tree removal in Pinecrest is so protected.

The Village of Pinecrest issues all tree removal and relocation permits (you can download the application here). Pinecrest protects trees for many reasons, and your specific reason is a factor in the approval of your permit. Trees contribute to the iconic and lush beauty of the area. Not only does the existing tree canopy look nice, but it also provides shade for us—and homes for animals.

However, sometimes removing a tree can benefit the neighborhood, like if it causes a hazard or comes in the way of construction. Your tree removal Pinecrest application will be reviewed, and the decision weighs heavily on the reason for the removal or relocation.

The tree removal Pinecrest permit steps are:


  • Fill out the application
  • Submit 2 copies of a tree or property survey that shows the location of the tree you want to remove
  • Provide tree species, height, diameter and the size of canopy
  • If the tree removal is approved, you must pay a fee and submit a new tree platting plan to replace the lost canopy (the amount of replacement trees is based on a 4-to-1 ratio)


Note: the following species require a permit but do not assess a fee: dead trees, Bishopwood, Laurel Fig, Carrotwood, Brazilian Pepper, Mahoe, Schefflera and Hong Kong Orchid trees. You do not need a permit for tree trimming, but owners must follow proper techniques to avoid a penalty. Do not hatrack (flat-cut or remove leader braches), as that is illegal.


Preparing all the materials for tree removal Pinecrest permits can be time-consuming, so let us do it for you. B&G Property Maintenance is happy to undertake the permit process for you for an administrative fee.

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