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Tree Removal Kendall and Property Value

July 16, 2019

In this article learn about tree removal Kendall and  what trees to add and cut down to increase property value

What Trees to Add and Cut Down to Increase Property Value

One reason why trees and well-maintained gardens are so important is that they contribute to the value of your property in tree removal Kendall. There are certain tree categories that can actually boost the value of your home. The right trees can add thousands of dollars in your property’s value. The input is very less in comparison. Here are the trees that will help you maximize the value of your place!

Trees that are valuable

Sugar Maple is very valuable in the world of trees. It is a big tree that needs a lot of area to grow. Vertical as well as horizontal open space should be provided. In order to get the tree to look lush green, you must provide a lot of care. Look after the tree if you really want it to increase your property’s value.

Northern red oak is another tree that you should add to your property. Its beautiful red colors showcase the colors of fall very appropriately. The tree does not require any specific soil type. It will grow anywhere as long the basic needs are fulfilled. The big tree provides a lot of shade as well.

Crape myrtle is perfect for the weather of Southern areas. It is a floral tree which makes it a beautiful addition in the garden. The convenience of this tree is that it grows like a shrub. You can either let the shrub grow fully big or let it stay small.

Concolor fir is a spiky tree. The needle-like leaves are scented. Unlike usual trees, concolor firs have a citrusy smell. They are usually very lush green in color which makes them look very posh.

Bigleaf magnolia is a small-sized tree. It is beautiful due to its huge leaves that look mesmerizing on the tiny tree. It is a flowering tree with white flowers. Bees and pollinators love this tree so keep that in mind when opting for this tree.

Other contributing factors

Simply opting for any of the aforementioned types of trees is not enough. There are some other factors to consider as well.

First of all, the tree should be planted in the right place. Any tree that is closer than 15’ to the house, it is a risk rather than a valuable addition. Similarly, trees that are hanging over your roof need to be eliminated. Hire tree removal Kendall services to get rid of these trees professionally.

You may also need tree removal service in Kendall to get dead and unhealthy plants removed. Such trees can actually devalue your place. Lastly, whatever trees are part of your home, they should be well-maintained. It should be pruned. The health and state of the tree should be strong. The risk of diseases should also be eliminated. Moreover, it shouldn’t be a tree that would easily knockdown in a storm.

To hire trustworthy tree removal professionals in Kendall, contact us. We’re experienced and will always have a solution to your garden’s problems!

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