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What to Do If Your Tree Is Struck by Lightning – Tree Removal Kendall

December 4, 2018

In this article learn about Tree removal kendall and How to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

As the storm season approaches, garden owners start getting more and more worried. It is most definitely one of the hardest times faced by your trees. With risk of falling or damaging themselves, trees also have a chance of getting struck by lightning. If the latter unfortunate incident does happen, here’s what you should do.

How to tell if a tree has been attacked

Lightning is definitely a strong shock on the trees. If a tree is attacked, you will very easily be able to tell. Most trees die instantly on contact with lightning. However, the few brave ones that make it out alive will also have clear effects showing through. Any tree that is attacked by something as strong as lightning becomes very vulnerable. The tree might have survived now but it will become prone to all possible infestations and diseases which will eventually kill it. Although all trees have a possibility of getting struck by lightning, oak, poplar, gum, maple, and pine trees have the highest chance.

The reason why trees have such little chance of survival is because they are the perfect conductors. Trees, like all plants, soak up water. Their barks are filled with high water contents. Being the tallest in an open space while being full of the best electrical conductor that is water, trees make easy targets.

What to do after the examination

If your tree has survived, there is little you can do to extend its life. First of all, make sure you don’t go near the affected tree immediately after it has been struck. Your own safety is the most important. After a while, water your tree generously. Also, to boost recovery, provide as many nutrients as possible. Be generous with fertilizers but at the same time, don’t go overboard. Since your tree will be extremely vulnerable, you must keep a close eye. Regularly check the tree to keep it safe from further attacks by insects or other diseases. Lightning will have left some cracks in parts of the tree trunk. If these cracks aren’t spreading further, that means your tree is recovering. If you can keep the tree alive till spring season, consider it safe.

Dealing with a dead tree

The equivalent of a funeral and morgue for your dead tree is tree removal. Kendall luckily offers a number of professional services to help you in this matter. Tree removal Kendall services are the best to hire to ensure a safe experience. You do not want to take a risk by trying to do this activity on your own. Big trees can fall and cause life threatening damage if something goes wrong. Stay safe and make it easy for yourself as well as for your tree by hiring professional tree removal Kendall experts. These people will do it the right way to make sure that in the future, the same soil and area can become home to a new plant.

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