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How B&G Reuses Materials from Tree Removal Miami

June 5, 2017

Tree removal is necessary for several situations. There are proper procedures that need to be followed to have permission for removing a tree in Miami. People often hire tree removal Miami services to handle such processes and safely remove the trees.

However, have you ever wondered what happens to the removed trees? A tree has a rich combination of wood and foliage, which should not be put to waste. This material can be recycled to create useful stuff and most of it can also be used to give back to our environment. Effective recycling results in a healthy environment and can benefit humans in other ways as well.

B&G Trees is a well-known tree removal Miami service. We are quite careful of how we reuse the materials from removed trees. We make efforts to make it useful for the both the environment and the people of the community.

Here is how B&G tree removal Miami service reuses materials from removed trees:

Compost Development

The foliage that is obtained from the removed trees is known as green trash. The green trash is transferred to our chipper truck. Here the foliage is chopped up to create compost. The compost is distributed among the neighbors and the customers. It can be used in home gardens. We further use the compost in our own plant nursery. It is used for the nurturing of the clusia that we grow.

The Tree Wood

Wood from the removed trees has multiple uses. We slice it to use as fire wood. The fire wood is also sold to the customers. Since we believe in giving back to the community, B&G Trees donates the fire wood to the local girl scouts. We also welcome the community artists on our farm and collect the fire wood. They use it for creating stunning artwork. They are allowed to take the fire wood for free.

The B&G Owner

The owner of the B&G Trees, Benny, also has the knack for creating wood cutting boards and other wood art. He uses the wood collected from the removed trees for his creations. These masterpieces are later gifted to the many clients of B&G Trees.

Here at B&G Trees, we make sure that we can provide a convenient tree removal Miami service to our various clients. We not only are equipped with the right expertise and tools to perform an effective tree removal but will carry out the process of earning permission from the authorities as well. After the tree has been removed, we assure you that the material will not be thrown remotely to pile up and collect rot. We ensure that the material can be utilized for good purposes.

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