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3 Signs You Need a Tree Removal

November 24, 2015

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It might not seem like it at first, but tree removal Miami is actually an essential component in maintaining the city’s safety and beauty. A dangerous tree poses a risk not only to your home, but also to your family and even your neighbors. Trees also have an effect on the value of your property. Keeping a close eye on your trees and identifying a potentially problematic tree before it becomes a hazard is key.

We know, that’s easier said than done. You’re able to naturally tell when your child or pet is sick, but how do you know if your tree’s health is in trouble? Here are 3 signs you need a tree removal.

1. Trees can suffer from construction stress.

You probably wouldn’t expect that the work you did on your driveway could negatively impact your trees. Danger signs include a reduced amount or lack of foliage, damaged bark, and a premature autumn color. Beware of carpenter ants and mushrooms at the base of the tree; these signify rot and decay.

2. It’s okay for a tree to lean, but not too much.

Inspect a leaning tree for exposed roots around the base. Also look for cracked or heaving soil–this is especially an issue if you find it on the opposite side of the tree’s lean. These are all signs that point to a problem.

3. Multiple trunks could mean instability.

If a tree has more than one trunk or has splits in one trunk, check it out further. Cracks that reach deep down into the trunk are red flags. V- or U-shaped multiple trunks could also mean bad news for mature trees, as that means the wood that connects the trunks is weakening and could lead to a split. This is particularly dangerous during storms, making this a leading cause of the tree removal Miami experiences.

It’s a good idea to take a look around your yard every so often, especially after storms and changes in season. Know that tree removal Miami is guided by different rules in different areas, so be sure to contact us and make sure the tree is removed both safely and legally.


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