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Exceptional Tree Service in Kendall

What makes the B&G Property Maintenance offer for tree service exceptional? That’s a simple question – yet one with a complex answer. We are a locally based and owned company, which has made a name for itself in Kendall and the entire Miami Dade County by providing top quality services. The trees we’ve worked on maintaining are thriving and stand as a beautiful addition to the lawns they grow on, throughout the seasons. That’s because our entire team is certified and trained. We take proper care of our equipment and only use professional tools. We provide hedge & shrub trimming work which can turn any lawn, no matter how big or small, into one that’s fit for royalty.

Why Opt for Professional Kendall Tree Service?

If the above arguments haven’t managed to convince you yet, then consider the following scenario. Would you ever attempt to remove a tree all on your own? The task is complicated: without the professional expertise it requires, you might end up removing a perfectly healthy tree, harming it, worsening its condition, or even hurting yourself. On the other hand, our company guarantees expert arborist services. Arborists are professionals that know all there is to know about trees – what kinds of soil are best for them, how to trim their foliage in accordance with the locally observed ANSI A300 standards, and what the best times for maintenance are. To boot, our owner, Benny Essig, is one of the top arborists in the state, certified by the ISA. He personally supervises each tree removal project we undertake.

We Promise Outstanding Tree Service Kendall

… and are prepared to deliver on that promise! It doesn’t matter if you own a residential property, with no more than a couple of trees, or a commercial one, with a large and diverse population of trees. We will take up a one-off stump removal account, but can also care for a complex arboretum, with delicate species that require special attention. We are committed to your satisfaction, which is why we approach each account with the belief that every tree is unique. Our attention to detail has made us stand out among tree service providers in Kendall. Simply check out what our previous clients have to say about working with us, then decide if you want to follow in their footsteps. If you do, give us a call or send us a message via the online form today. We’ll be happy to understand how we can help.


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